This is a series of articles about UVCE and what is its current status? As a concerned group, VisionUVCE, would like to make it a better place

As we approach the Centenary Year of UVCE, we, from VisionUVCE Team, have been fortunate enough to interact with various people, listen to the concerns, discuss their ideas about how to improve the current conditions,  help & guide the students , way ahead to bring back the glory of UVCE. So, we decided to dedicate a section – for the  next 6 months and talk about all these aspects. We will be glad to feature your concerns and ideas as well if you wish to share them.

Lets start  with  the basic concerns first – infrastructure.  There are couple of factors to be discussed here. The present condition of the college infrastructure is pathetic and we can see the proof about it across departments. Ceiling of the classrooms in  Lecture Complex leak during rains, Mechanical workshops are in a mess, Electronic Department classrooms are badly maintained. If this is the condition in K R Circle, conditions are not great in Jnanabharathi campus for Civil and Architecture students, where there is no mobile network in this technological era. Labs are equipped with age-old instruments, no canteen facility and poor restrooms.

Throughout this edition ,the final year students have shared their wonderful memories, which we are happy about. In parallel to that, we wish to bring the real scenario in which they study as well. We cannot boast about being a great institution (which was the case earlier). One of the parameters to measure it is the CET rankings of the students who wish to get admitted in the college. Every year we have seen a decrease in the ranking. Placements are one other measurable factors, which , though has been good over the years, is majorly because of the students efforts. We are pained to see parents come to the college along with their children before deciding their choice and return back with disappointment. We do not have satisfactory answers to their queries about lab facilities or other basic requirements. We feel ashamed when company HRs give the same feedback year after year about the basic facilities missing in the college. Students (as well as us, who regularly visit college) are forced to eat from the street vendors (chats) as there are no hotels nearby, let alone canteen. Though few years back many printers were purchased under TEQIP, students have to go till Avenue Road to take photocopies or print-outs. Cyber centre always operated only with half the capacity. No one knows why! Library is running without an incharge person from past few months. Students need to wait till the next semester exams to get their previous semester exams results, which is a nightmare since they have to run around to pay fees, get hall-ticket during the last minute. This also results in delay for final year students who have their joining dates in companies.

No, this is not a complaint letter or blame-game. We are revealing the current scenario to our readers who remember their alma-mater in a good way. We have heard various promises made – giving IIT status to UVCE (which is not going to happen now), 100 crores being promised to improve infrastructure and many more… Nothing has been realized though. So,  are we writing this series of article just to weep over it? No… We will share our thoughts in the coming editions.. But for now, lets stick to the various current scenarios UVCE is reeling under.

Chairperson of Mechanical  Department, Dr B M Rajprakash sir showed us the letter he has written multiple times to the University, requesting for the repair of the workshops/foundry etc which are in bad shape (life threatening too due to some electrical wiring and rains). There has been no response for it. But there is a proposal of shifting Mechanical Department to JnanaBharathi campus. The Principal has been asked to gather the opinion of faculty, students and others about the same. When we spoke to the Principal, he is gathering the opinion of everyone and majority of them are not supportive of the idea. The city central location (near Vidhana Soudha, Sir MV Metro Station, Cubbon Park) is very ideal and one of the major reasons for the students to join the college. The Principal also voices his opinion that “with various departments in Central College moved to JB Campus, if the vacant rooms can be handed-over to UVCE, it would serve the purpose”. We spoke to many senior alumni, who were of the same opinion. We have not spoken about the Hostel conditions yet. Lets keep it for the next editions..

Many of the alumni wanted to know the details about the funds allocated by the Bangalore University towards improvement of UVCE. So, we applied RTI to know the details about the fees collected from UVCE in past 3 years and what has been spent towards the college improvement in those 3 years. After a long wait, with no response from Bangalore University, we roamed in JB Campus for few hours to finally realize that it was sent to college, though the entire information should be provided by Finance Officer, Bangalore University.. So, where do we stand now?? Check our next edition to know more..

-Satish A G, VisionUVCE

If you have any thoughts – issues to be raised or suggestions to improve regaridng UVCE – share it with us. We will publish it in this series of articles. Write to