Sampada - 10th Anniversary

Sampada-Your window to UVCE has completed its journey of 10 years. Every single month, it has tried to keep you posted about the past, present and future of UVCE. RSVP for the event on 18th January


VisionUVCE - 10 Years Journey

VisionUVCE, started in 2009 and formally registered it as a trust in 2012, has made its presence felt to the UVCE Alumni. Know about few of the initiatives that we started, supported and carried on in the past years – A Throwback at the journey so far

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About VisionUVCE

We,from VisionUVCE, are a group of likeminded people who have always felt that, what we are now is because of what our alma mater has given us. It is our responsibility to make sure, the flag of our alma mater flies high in the air and also as alumni of this college, there is a need to take part in the operations in the college. Since 2009, we have been associated with the college through various initiatives. We have come together to realize the objectives that has been formed, with the help of college, its students and most importantly with alumni like you and us. For that it is important to keep informed every individual who has passed out of our esteemed institution.

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UVCE Payana Videos

UVCE Payana

Watch the videos of the entire event as it happened

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SAMPADA- This is our college monthly magazine which reach out to all alumni and students who are spread out all over, providing the information of all the happenings in campus. It is also a medium through which the alumni, who do not have access to the happenings in our college to share memories.

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PARICHAYA – A section to introduce the UVCE alumni and their achievements to the outside world. It can be called “UVCE Hall Of Fame”. We intend to keep this page updated with more and more names with all your support. Team VisionUVCE is working to gather the data about our alumni

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UVCE was established in the year 1917, under the name, Government Engineering college by BharatRatna Sir M Visvesvaraya with the blessings of Mysore Maharaja Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar himself. We have tried our best to celebrate this journey in a meaningful way

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