Centenary Events

January Event

A display of bygone days of Bangalore and its heritage, culture and tradition. With UVCE in its 100th year, special focus on UVCE will help to shed light on how it has contributed to growth & development of Bangalore (education wise and technologically).

UVCE Journey_Teething Twenties

February Event

Centenary Marathon by IEEE UVCE in association with VisionUVCE. The marathon is being planned to be conducted early Sunday morning and it will start and end at the college campus.  There will be a Walkathon for senior alumni members too.

UVCE Centenary Run

March Event

A souvenir, a historical document – about story of UVCE, its growth and memories, by selecting the best articles from SAMPADA (e-magazine being sent from past 7 years) by VisionUVCE will be printed to commemorate the Centenary Celebrations.




A monthly e-magazine about all the happenings of UVCE – both past and present, which is being published from the past 6 years without missing a single month.


UVCE has numerous pearls, gemstones and other jewels sparkling within its Treasure – the Alumni who have made their Alma mater proud


VisionUVCE has launched numerous initiatives successfully with the help of both alumni and students with the aim of “Giving Back to UVCE”

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