Aug 26, 2017
ANNOUNCEMENT - VU Scholarships 2017-18 : Shortlisted Candidates will be announced soon. Interviews will be conducted on October 7th!

About VisionUVCE

We,from VisionUVCE, are a group of likeminded people who have always felt that, what we are now is because of what our alma mater has given us. It is our responsibility to make sure, the flag of our alma mater flies high in the air and also as alumni of this college, there is a need to take part in the operations in the college. Since 2009, we have been associated with the college through various initiatives. We have come together to realize the objectives that has been formed, with the help of college, its students and most importantly with alumni like you and us. For that it is important to keep informed every individual who has passed out of our esteemed institution.

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