After Cenenary Marathon, we plan to release AVALOKANA – a souvenir to imprint this occasion in our soul and mind. A magazine with the best of the excerpts judiciously chosen from collections of our UVCE monthly newsletter “Sampada” and much more important details to illustrate the journey of UVCE and the best of its times in print.

UVCE from times immemorial has shaped the brightest minds, yielded thousands of engineers and stood tall through all the hurdles. Therefore UVCE definitely deserves more credit and documenting it is a seamless opportunity for us to express our gratitude. Until recently, very little of UVCE history was being recorded and hence the interminable challenge remains on not being able to capture the rare occasions and moments of the olden days. We have tried our best by continuing Sampada – an online magazine- for past 8 years and counting now and this Centenary Souvenir – Avalokana – brings all of it together to give the glimpse of UVCE’s journey of ebullience.

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Avalokana Launch Event

Avalokana Launch event was organized on Aug 5th,2017 at JnanaJyothi Auditorium, Bangalore Central University. We had around 350 participants witnessing the launch of the event. Few cultural programmes from the alumni and students were organized – Invocation Song by Chaitra Sontakke, Classical Singing by KrishnaPrasad and team, Dance Performance by Rekha Ravi and Pooja Acharya, Classical Dance by Kruthi Hegde and Concluding Performance by College Music Band – 8GB RAM

The Souvenir was launched by Brig H R Gopal(46 batch), Maj Gen Neelakantappa (62 batch), Dr ChidanandaGowda (64 batch), Dr Venugopal K R (Principal,UVCE & 76 batch), Manjunath Prasad (87 batch) which has recevied a wide appreication from alumni around the globe.


Sl No Income Amount Sl No Expenditure Amount
1 Souvenir Ads & Sponsors 187500 1 Printing souvenirs 180378
2 Online Registrations 51110 2 Venue Charges 30975
3 Onspot Sales 25300 3 Snacks 38000
4 Sales – Later 10000 4 Logistics 52700
5 Printing & Misc 12500
Total Fund Collected 273910 Total Expenses 314553
Additional Expense 40643

The additional amount that was spent for Avalokana was borne by VisionUVCE. We are quite confident that though the total expenses were not met as expected, everyone who has seen the Souvenir will appreciate the effort that has went in to publish it.