On the glorious occasion of *namma UVCE* turning 100 years, we decided to mark this centenary event with a run starting from college, through Cubbon park and back to our college on April 2nd!

“Run for a cause, Run for fitness, Run for happiness and what more! Run to Celebrate!” was the motto

We had around 820 participants on the day from senior batches to current students !!

For senior alumni who would prefer walking, we had also planned Walkathon along the same route, which encouraged them to join this event. It was a regular walk/run that you can enjoy with your friends, juniors and current students.  More details about the event and some photographs of the event can be seen in this blog post. You will be bale to read more in the next edition of SAMPADA too.

Here is the budget of the entire event with complete details

Budget Details

Sl No Expenditure Towards Amount Sl No Income From Amount
1 Medals (750 numbers) Rs.70,000 1 Platinum Sponsors (Siemens) Rs.50,000
2 Tshirts (820 numbers) Rs. 1,64,000 2 Platinum Sponsors(Brighter Minds) Rs.50,000
3 Cubbon Park Fees Rs.25,000 3 Associate Sponsors(UVCE Teachers) Rs.20,000
4 Breakfast (800 numbers) Rs.61,000 4 Associate Sponsors(1995 Batch) Rs.15,000
5 Print(Posters, Invitations,Banners,Frames) Rs.12,000 5 Associate Sponsors (Tranway) Rs.10,000
6 Water Bottles Rs.7,000 6 Alumni Registrations (Removing Gateway Charges) Rs.1,89,760
7 Energizers + First Aid Rs.7,500 7 Student Registrations Rs.44,700
8 Certificates & Sponsors Memento Rs.5,400 8 OnSpot Registrations Rs.23,700
9 Miscellaneous (Decoration, Chairs & Cleaning) Rs. 13,900
Total Rs.3,65,800 Total Rs.4,03,160
Balance Amount Rs.37,360

We are going to spend the balance amount in a constructive manner towards UVCE. As per discussion with some alumni and students, we have identified the immediate need – Water Purifier in the Mechanical block– and decided to get it installed asap so as to help the students during this summer.

Also, we will be sponsoring “Esportivo” – a intercollegiate sports meet, if we have some amount remaining. Else we will be doing it from VisionUVCE Trust fund.