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ANNOUNCEMENT - Meeting to discuss about Centenary Celebrations happening on Saturday 17th @ 3PM.

About UVCE Centenary Celebrations

UVCE was established in the year 1917, under the name, Government Engineering college by BharatRatna Sir M Visvesvaraya with the blessings of Mysore Maharaja Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar himself, and was affiliated to University of Mysore. It is the 5th Engineering College to be established in the country and 1st in Karnataka. After the formation of Bangalore University in 1964, UVCE became one of it’s constituent college. UVCE, one of the oldest technical institutions in the country, is approaching its 100th Year and the celebrations need to be on par with any great educational institutes of the world.

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Latest Updates


UVCE Centenary Celebrations Committee has been approved by the Bangalore University Syndicate and the Vice-Chancellor. Read more about the details and the members in this article

Recently, there was a meeting @ UVCE Alumni Association to discuss about the Centenary Celebrations. Few alumni attended the meeting gave their opinions and suggestions. More details can be found here

Shortly, there is an AGM being held @ Alumni Association Hall - July 15th. More details are awaited...

There has been some news in various newspapers about the shifting of the college and the details as to what do the stake-holders think about it. We are of the opinion that instead of shifting the college, infrastructure needs to be improved since Centenary Year will be the right reason as well.

We, from VisionUVCE Team, have proposed year long celebrations during the 100th year of UVCE. We have drafted this timeline, which has few ideas from our end and few from others. We have also kept provision for other alumni to suggest & take lead for new initiatives. We will support all/ any event which will be beneficial to the college within our limitations.

As already half the year has passed, we are working on the refinement of our plans.

How can I help?

  • Building the alumni network
  • Sharing information/photos
  • Sponsor Events/activities
  • Volunteer work/taking initiatives
  • Spreading the word and joining hands
  • Organize/Participate in events

Centenary TimeLine

VisionUVCE Team hopes for a yearlong celebration and here is a proposed TimeLine

(We are already half way through the year and working on few of the ideas)


What should Centenary Celebrations encompass?

  • Highlight the heritage and importance of UVCE over the past 100 years.
  • Showcase the contribution of UVCE to the society – academically, technologically – in various fields.
  • Highlight the alumni of UVCE and their achievements in the respective fields.
  • Connect the alumni around the globe and build a strong network.
  • Bring out the nostalgic memories and experiences in various forms – souvenir, video in social media, print media etc.
  • Felicitate the senior faculty, senior alumni and have a discussion with the current generation of students.
  • Contribute in some form to the college – financially, technically, officially – to help students and improve the infrastructure.
  • Collect memorabilia – souvenir, t-shirts etc and also participate in competitions & events.

Join Hands !

Interested to be part of this historic moment? Want to contribute in some way to your alma-mater’s milestone?