About UVCE Payana

“UVCE Payana - 100 and Beyond”, a mega event to commemorate the Glorious Centennial Journey of UVCE whilst bringing forward the fervor and memories of the zealous UVCEians. We have had celebrations in honor of the Centenary Year with events like UVCE Centenary Marathon followed with the launch of UVCE’s Centenary Souvenir, “Avalokana” and now adding to the delight with Payana only to carry forward UVCE’s prestigious legacy for years to come.

UVCE Payana will be a two day event bringing together alumni and students to celebrate this historic moment. Building the stage for Alumni of myriad batches from across the world to congregate, Payana will provide the opportunity to beam on the footprints left behind by namma UVCEians. The two day celebrations will be encompassed by main agendas as Alumni Tech talks, Cultural programmes, Welfare Initiatives by Alumni to make UVCE better and many more interesting sessions.
The event is tentatively scheduled to be held during the last weekend of June, on 30th June and 1st July. With a helping hand from every alumnus, we intend to make ‘UVCE Payana – 100 and beyond’ an accolade to the marvellous journey of this prestigious and prodigious institution for which we all hold a great amount of respect and gratitude in our hearts.

UVCE Payana


  • Celebrate the 100 years journey of a Magnificent Institution, - UVCE, our alma-mater
  • Showcase the contribution of UVCE and UVCEians to society in 100 years
  • Bring together various batches of alumni, within various companies, from various backgrounds and help in strengthening the alumni platform
  • Creating the "Brand UVCE" we have always been talking about in all possible ways - pushing for autonomous stature, MoUs with industries and other educational institutions to plan for "UVCE: Next 100 Years"
  • Develop a channel to give back to UVCE and society in turn
  • Come up with some engineering solutions during the event as well for present problems

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Centenary Events So Far

Payana- Meeting Details

  • It was unanimously decided to conduct a Centenary event.
  • First point will be fixing the date which will accommodate the majority of alumni, faculty and students.
  • For the current event, all groups should come together and focus on creating a platform for the event.
  • For managing the finance, a separate account needs to be created which can be taken care by the Finance Committee.
  • Further to the points in the draft idea and suggestions (pdf attached), it will be open for discussion and suggestions by everyone. Everyone's support is required in making it a better one.

People present: Prof T S Ramamurthy (62 batch), Maj Gen Neelakantappa (63 batch), P A Aswatha Narayana (63 bach), Channa Narasimhaiah (63 batch), C R Swaminathan (63 batch), E V Bhaskar (63 batch), T S Mruthyunjaya (63 batch), K P Subbaiah (63 batch), R Lakkanna (63 batch), Chandrashekar H (64 batch), R Dwarakanath (66 batch), B N Ananda (71 batch), Dr Rangaraj (83 batch), K C Praveen (92 batch), Lomesh (2009), Satish (2009), Yogesha (2011), Usha G (2012), Shree Harsha (2012), Chitra S Reddy (2016), Meghashree G (2016)

  • Few members of the committee met with few alumni like Dattanna, Ramesh Aravind to discuss and receive suggestions on the Centenary Celebrations Plan.
  • Attendees of the meeting have suggested to go ahead on the plan to create a bank account under the VisionUVCE Trust.
  • Suggestion to employ serious effort in pushing the government to grant UVCE Autonomous Status on the occasion of the Centenary Celebrations Event.
  • Discussions about various committees formed (Registration, Finance, Event Mgmt, Sponsorship & Funds Raising, Cultural Programme, Volunteer committees) and the roles happened.
  • Drop a mail request all Alumni to share their contacts so as to build a strong alumni database.

People Present: AVM Abhaya Kumar(54 batch), Maj Gen Neelakantappa(62 batch), Dr Anandram, Subbaiah (64 batch), Venkatadri(65 batch), Dwarkanath (66 batch), Vijaydev and Ashok (75 batch), Lomesh and myself (2009 batch), Chitra (2016 batch)

  • Event date to be finalized, preferably on June 30th and July 1st (keeping students exams and NRIs who may visit India during July 4th).
  • Focus on Registrations once the Bank account is finalized. It is in progress and we will receive the Account number within next 3-4 days.
  • Gather as many data as possible about alumni. Try every possible way including sending postcards, calling, email, social media, newspapers, radio etc.
  • Schedule and Registrations fees related points were discussed and agreed upon by everyone. Suggestion to plan for some cultural activities from students or recent batch alumni wsa noted.
  • Focus on networing and creating a platform for the alumni to "Give Back to UVCE" should be the main goals of the event.

People present: AVM AbhayaKumar (1954), Maj Gen Neelakantappa (1962), Dr Anandram (1964), Venkatadri (1965), Dwarkanath (1966), Anand Kumar (1971), GovindLakshman (1972), Vijaydev (1975), SampathRai (1984), Shankar Shastry (1992), Sandesh (1998), Dharmendra Chouhan (1998), Mudduraj (1998), Lomesh (2009), Harsha (2009), Tejas (2012), Megha (2016)