During 2015-16, we had discussions with few of the alumni to understand how to build the community and what can be done in order to strengthen the camaraderie amongst ourselves – seniors and juniors? The answer was obvious – an opportunity to meet and greet each other, to know more about one another and share experiences. “Sammilana” was thus born.

In the first meet (2016), we had a wonderful gathering at JJ Auditorium where around 100 alumni participated. We had organized one panel discussion (including faculty and alumni), few speakers sharing thoughts etc. Lot of suggestions were given and wonderful memories were shared.

During the next year(2017), we had organized a campus visit to all the alumni who joined on “Sammilana”. Around 40-50 alumni had visited the campus and after the college tour, there was a presentation to students and alumni about the college history along with photos and stories. Even some of the participants shared their experiences with the audience.

After the Centenary Celebrations(2018), we organized “Sammilana” on Engineers Day eve which was attended by around 60-70 alumni. Success stories of Centenary Celebrations like Marathon, Avalokana and Payana were shared along with remembering Bharat Ratna Sir M Visvesvaraya.

It was a follow-up meeting in February during which it was decided to start “UVCE Graduates Association”. Glimpses from all the various meetings of Sammilana is here