Best Class 3.0 (Feb,2020-May, 2020)

Progress and Details

Due to Covid-19, Best Class 3.0 hit major roadblocks, though the students were enthusiastic and continued it over online. Around 10 classes participated in this iteration of Best Class and tried their best to keep everyone in the class engaged. But, it proved very difficult. We had tried some changes too to keep it engaging, however it was not upto the mark.


Within the constraints, two classes – 1st year ECE & 1st year CIVIL A – performed well and have been announced as the winners. Prize distribution to be done shortly


Within the constraints, few of the classes did well in this iteration. Especially with Covid-19 fear and chaos, it was very difficult to maintain the mental wellness. Some of the students have shared the feedback and their experiences with us and you can check them out below

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