Team VisionUVCE is happy to announce the “Scholarship” initiative for the ninth consecutive year i.e 2019-20.We try our best by supporting the students in need and also to encourage to pursue their dreams. We hope that the student performs well in his curricular and co-curricular activities and brings accolades to his alma mater and to his near and dear ones.

Like previous year, this year too we are continuing with the condition for students to consider before applying – You need to select one of the below Option – and fulfill the mentioned criteria during the academic year. And this year, the monitoring will be stricter than previous time. We will be monitoring the progress via a simple “Google Form” every two months once and track the updates. If the student fails to meet the required condition, he/she will need to meet the VisionUVCE Team and give valid explanation. The VisionUVCE Team will take necessary steps if the explanation provided is not satisfactory.

VU Scholarships 2019-20 Registrations are closed. Last Date for Application was September 15th,2019. If you have any queries, write to us –


  • Req 1- Maintain an aggregate of 75% in 2018-19
  • Req 2 – Work on a project (individual/with a team) and get it approved by a faculty
  • Req 3 – Help juniors/classmates by sharing experience & knowledge


  • Req 1 – Work with VU Team and conduct 1or2 events.
  • Req 2 – Be academically strong and get recommendation about same from one lecturer.
  • Req 3 – Organize 1/2 Samvaada events in Hostel.


  • Req 1 – Work as co-ordinator for Impetus/Inspiron/Milagro/ Esportivo
  • Req 2 – Be part of team which is working on a project/ outside college competition (hackathon/cultural)
  • Req 3 – Work with VU Team for Lecture Series or similar activity.

Team VisionUVCE will need you to also share your parent’s/guardian’s contact details who will need to vouch about you and confirm that they are aware about the scholarship received from your end. We also want to bring to your notice that you are agreeing to the conditions mentioned below once you apply for the scholarship

Please consider all the factors while filling Yearly Expenditure – College Fees, Books, Hostel Fees, Examination Fees, Travel Expenses, Misc. Expenses. It has to be a realistic number