Impetus is a technical fest organized by IEEE UVCE which endeavors to understand and adapt new technological advancements along with encouraging students to organize, volunteer and take part in various technological events helping them model them into the engineers of today. Since being started in 2000, IMPETUS has seen an array of glorious editions. Today, we have Dr. P Deepa Shenoy Ma’am and the alumni who were an integral core of IEEE UVCE over these 18 years sharing their experiences of organizing IMPETUS.

IMPETUS- “Moving Ahead with Focus” – With Dr P Deepa Shenoy

“IMPETUS”, the biggest technical fest of UVCE has a history of about 18 years. Before the 2000’s there were no technical fests done in UVCE, to get students involved in technical events and activities related to it, the technical fest “IMPETUS” was initiated by Dr Venugopal K R, who was the branch counsellor of IEEE UVCE at that time. I still remember during second impetus that is in 2002 we witnessed the presence of a renowned quiz master Giribala Subramanyam.</p?

Theme-based Impetus was started from 2010 and a flagship event called Summit was tagged along with the theme where famous keynote speakers from global industries have been a part of this interactive session. IEEE-UVCE strives to bring in new things every year, this year on the account of international Women’s day, the whole week was celebrated as Women’s week and numerous events along with technical talk were conducted to emphasize the role of women in technical world.

“Impetus” is known for its creativity, the constant effort and hard work of the IEEE team members is the main reason for Impetus being the finest technical fest of UVCE. Through Impetus students grow personally and professionally by inculcating organising and technical skills, along with the students I personally have improved my skills and abilities by being a part of Impetus for 17 years.

“ I fondly remember Impetus 2004 as one of the biggest technical festival we conducted in UVCE that saw record participants from across the country. For the first time, we had prize money that was one of the highest in Bangalore college festivals and participants from colleges both in and out of Karnataka. And all of this was not going to be possible without the support of the entire IEEE student branch volunteers, an amazing executive team (Bhargav, Sriram, Deepak, Sharath to name a few) and unwavering support of PDS madam. We had literally taken over PDS ma’am office room (including her table and chair), and not once did she complain or chase us out. There were some big hurdles that we had to cross to ensure success of the event – be it the sponsors backing out, or the uncollected garbage in college that had to be cleaned by us. I remember clearly the relief we all had once the festival was completed and received great feedback from Sponsors and participants alike. Those countless hours preparing for the festival seemed all worth it!! I am glad that Impetus has grown stronger and bigger since then. I wish the IEEE team great success ahead. I also would like to thank the Sampada team for doing such a great job at recording the memories that makes UVCE such a great college that has lasted a century!! ”

– Nachiket Karjagi, Batch of 2004

“Throughout the course of my engineering, I spent most time in IEEE office / PDS madam’s office. It always provided me with opportunities to ask the most important question about anything – “WHY”. And it was one place where I could get a satisfactory answer from my fellow seniors. This was the spirit I wanted inscribe in young minds through IMPETUS. Impetus always had events built around a theme and ours was no different. Nikola Tesla’s favorite – “Engineering for society” was decided by the execom members and events were planned accordingly.</p?

Great many night outs were witnessed and exhausted faces of all volunteers could be seen a week before the fest. Organizing a technical fest involves a lot of challenges and our batch wasn’t spared either. Hunting for sponsorship (The cyber treasure hunt Epsilon seemed easier in comparison), preparing questions for events, crowded volunteer meetings where we had to shout at the full capacity of our lungs to convey something, co-ordinating design for posters, T Shirt etc, making sure the infrastructure and time is allocated for all events and finally, ensuring the crown jewel of a fest – participation is good.

I went home at 5AM in the morning only to return at 8AM on the day of fest. The most important lesson was learnt in the process of organizing Impetus. Having a group of like minded friends who can share the burden becomes the most important thing to make any event successful. I was glad to have Harsha, Thejas, Bharath, Aditya and Akhila by my side. Many souls graduate engineering without going through these hassles. But only upon encountering these incidents, one can graduate in life. ”

– Tejas J, Batch of 2012

“I was  fortunate to participate in four iterations of Impetus (Impetus ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13), first for campaigning in different colleges and participating in various contests, then as a volunteer and participant in my second year and then as an organizer in my junior and senior years. Organizing events and managing the fest taught me the mechanics of conducting a large scale event, from finding sponsors, to emceeing, to motivating volunteers and finding participants.

Co-organizing the event “Summit”  in Impetus ’12 (a section level event) gave me an opportunity to interact with members of  IEEE GOLD, hub leaders of IEEE, Bangalore GINI and student leaders from other colleges. Nothing beats the feeling of fulfillment at the end of a successful Impetus where all the hard work pays off. ”

– Bijil, Batch of 2013

“IMPETUS — as the name suggests, has always been a force that gives life to ideas, brings people together and make leaders of students. Let me stop speaking in the abstract. Impetus always presented me with tangible opportunities and benefits. My interactions with my peers helped me to articulate my ideas clearly. The last minute hustle with looming exams taught me to multitask and manage my time. My discussions, arguments, and even disagreements with the organizers taught me the virtue of tolerance and working with a diverse team.

Impetus is the flagship event of IEEE UVCE, but foremost this event is matter of pride for all UVCE students — both present and past. There are a few simple things to continue this proud tradition: step up, take initiative; participate, volunteer and then lead. Most of all, have fun! ”

– Krishna, Batch of 2011

Recalling a few memories of Impetus during my time makes me nostalgic. Impetus 2012 – As an active volunteer during my first year, Impetus was just another platform I found to meet new people, seniors and build some life-long friendships. As enthusiastic first years, we were proud to walk with our volunteer badges and help out in any way we could! A few of the seniors I met then are still great friends to me and are always there should I need them for advice!

Impetus 2013 – This was the fest that I finally got an opportunity to design and organize an event. From the Women in Engineering (WIE) group of IEEE UVCE, I organized the event BUSY-NESS along with three of my seniors. The whole process of planning the event, coming up with interesting ideas, meeting up and working with volunteers to implement those ideas, and then the day of the fest when we saw about 28 teams (of four) participate in the event, it made it worth all the effort!

Impetus 2014 – As the General Secretary during my 3rd year, I was exposed to the various aspects of organizing the fest. This time I wasn’t just organizing an event but was a part of the team responsible for organizing the entire fest! From deciding on a theme for the fest and looking for sponsorships to finalizing events, managing finances and inviting chief guests, the entire Executive Committee put in months and months of hard work to make Impetus 2014 a huge success! I will never forget the team that I worked with during this year – they helped make me a better person, a better team player, and a better team leader. ”

– Madhuri Madan, Batch of 2015

“ I helped organize Impetus in the years 2010-2013. The months surrounding Impetus were always a high energy time amongst the IEEE members. In my experience, running around for sponsorships, contacting vendors and putting the word out there i.e. campaigning in other colleges was just as fun as the events that were slated to happen during the 2 days of the fest. The challenge every year was to come up with a relevant theme and have most of our events tailored to the theme. The Summit each year had to be hand crafted to the theme and Bangalore Section’s involvement in it made it even more special. Each time, Impetus bought with it a different set of challenges, anxieties, uncertainties but it brings out the best example of team work and selflessness in everyone that is involved in putting it together.”

– Shreyas Joshi, Batch of 2013

“Some of the main highlights of Impetus 2010 that I cherish is the fact that Impetus 2010 was the 10th edition of Impetus. As far as I can remember, it was sponsored by IBM and the main event was IBM Blue Battle and the winner went away with IBM Laptops. Along with this, WIE Summit was held as a part of the fest seeing participation from about 10 different IEEE Student Chapters across the state. It was a great turn out and for the first time we had IEEE Alumni Meet as part of the fest which witnessed many alumni visit college and interact with us. With this Impetus, 2 new events were added Decathlon and Robo-wars as a part of the fest. On of the best moments was that we saw a footfall of about 700 students. ”

– Suhas N, Batch of 2010

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the success of Impetus 18.0. The Chief Guest of the fest, Mr.Bhaktha Keshavachar, founder and CTO of Ezetap, was a source of inspiration for all of us. The event was graced by the Guest of Honour, Dr. Kumudhini Ravindra from Innomantra consulting Pvt. Ltd., IEEE Bangalore Section Chairperson Sudeendra Koushik & the Principal of UVCE, Dr.Venugoal K R.

We are proud to associate with BESCOM, IEEE Bangalore Section, Tymtix,, Techser, Dell EMC, Silverline Electronices, Ezetap, IORA Technologies, LIC, Leaftree Softwares, The Gate Academy, KPTCL, KPCL, Talk to the Hand, UVCE Centenary Foundations,, Funfactory, IEEE UVCE alumni and Signalchip.



We witnessed students from various colleges across Bangalore participate in various events. The events were Robo Soccer, Sumo Wars, Appathon ,Steal Jobs, Codestorm, Summit, Ucypher, It Wiz, AutoMania, Spektrom, Tech Charades, Marvel Mania, So you think its over , Cyborg, Techmark, Vaksamara, Electrophilia, Mech or Break, Enigma, Laser Tag, Neutral Oxide and VR play arena. Events like Electrophilia, Lazer Tag and VR Play arena attracted maximum crowd.

The fest witnessed participants from various colleges such as NHCE, DSCE,BMSCE, CMRIT, JSS, MVIT, Josephs, East-West College, Sambharam, Sapthagiri, SKSJIT, SVCE, Vemana, BMSIT etc. The spirit and enthusiasm lasted throughout the fest. The winners were awarded for their magnificent performances. The day ended with presenting mementos to IEEE UVCE Alumni.