Borrowed from SAMPADA old editions – for the 10th Anniversary Special Issue – Interviews section. This one is of Shubha Krishnamurthy, 1995 ECE.

Shubha Krishnamurthy is from 1995 Electronics Branch and she is currently the Digitalization Lead at Shell. She graciously accepted Team Sampada’s request to interact with her. She has worked at various capacities in some of the leading IT companies and has a vast experience in this field. Gaining insights into her opinions about the IT industry and women in it, here is the brief of this meeting:

Team Sampada: If you visit UVCE today, what wonderful memories do you recall and reminisce?

Shubha: UVCE’s monumental presence in KR circle will stay in one’s memory forever. The college brings back memories of my lovely friends, classrooms, labs and the great teachers who helped us to be where we are today. We had lots of fun in the labs, our fights to get the experiment outputs and how we used to come as a team together to overcome it, visits to SP road for buying lab components are worth remembering. It was an amazing four-year journey for me at UVCE. I have always found a fellow UVCEian in the companies that I have worked for and makes it so easy to connect.

Team Sampada: What difference do you immediately notice during your college days and current batch of students?

Shubha: Today’s students have a great exposure to the world around them, thanks to Digitalization in almost all fields including education. They have access to information from a wide variety of sources like online platforms – MOOCs, Coursera, EdX etc. Technology enables them to collaborate with like-minded individuals and hence much more informed. I have had the privilege to work with freshers from UVCE in my team. One thing that stands out from the rest is their sincerity and commitment to work, their yearning to be the best in what they do and the positivity they bring to the teams in terms of learning new stuff, teamwork.

Team Sampada: Has being in the IT industry given you lot of exposure about the real world. Can you please share some of the challenges that helped you to grow further?

Shubha: Being in the IT industry has helped me connect with people from diverse background and cultures. It is essential to be on constant learning mode, with the technology trends changing rapidly. There are other important skills needed to make a mark in organizations such as collaboration, networking, communication skills. Keeping a balance of these skills and the technical know-how is important in my opinion.

Team Sampada: If you were given an opportunity to talk to couple of final year students of UVCE, who are ready to step in to the IT world, what would you tell them?

Shubha: IT landscape is changing rapidly and probably not “only IT” anymore. It needs to work in conjunction with business and domains, be it Finance, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, New energies. Learn the domain and the ecosystem you are in. Build your network, collaborate and above all, stay relevant. Build interests outside of IT, try to create an alternate profession. Studies have shown that individuals who excel in organizations do not limit themselves to one field but have varied interests. Enjoy your work and have fun at what you are doing!

– Shubha Krishnamurthy, Sampada-110

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