Borrowed from SAMPADA old editions – for the 10th Anniversary Special Issue – Interviews section. This one is of Dr R Jagadish, 1965 Civil.

We had been requesting R Jagadish sir for an interview from a long time now. Along with learning from his journey, we wanted our readers to know about the plans and progress of the renovation work from the man incharge himself. An Alumnus of Civil Engg Batch of 1965, his achievements and professional journey is an inspiration to all. We are really grateful to him for making time and speaking to us, sharing his vision and challenges during this very important task of re-strengthening the heritage building.

Team Sampada: Could you please brief our readers a bit about yourself?

Dr. R Jagadish Sir: I graduated from UVCE with Bachelors in Civil Engineering in 1965 with First Rank. Post this, I completed my Master of Engineering from Indian Institute of Science in 1967 and my PhD from IIT Madras in 1982. Soon after my masters, I started working as a Lecturer in Civil Engineering in the year 1968 in UVCE, Bangalore and occupied the post of Professor and retired as Chairman Faculty of Engineering-Civil, UVCE, Bangalore University in 2002. I am currently the Managing Director of M/s. CONCONS Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore as well as a Technical Advisor for all Civil Engineering and Maintenance works to Bangalore University, Bangalore. I am a member of the Technical Monitoring Committee for Repairs, Renovations and Construction of New Mechanical Block, UVCE and JB campus, since 2017 and have been a member of various capacities in numerous Advisory Committees.

Team Sampada: What are your most fond memories of UVCE?

Dr. R Jagadish Sir:During our times, there were only 4 Engineering colleges and we had to apply individually to all colleges. There was no system like CET and I was lucky to get selected in UVCE. The first 3 years we had common subjects taught and the next 2 years were branch specific specialization. Ours was the first batch which had the Bangalore University affiliation.

I was not a very bright student. There were some very bright students in my batch and hence I decided to join Civil branch. Though many of my friends advised against it, I went ahead with and I am very glad that I did. I could even secure 1st Rank because of the decision I made.

The most memorable moment of my engineering days is the Survey Camps and Project Tours during 3 years of college. In our 3rd year, all 200 students went to Ghati for the Survey Camp. It was a very nice, memorable experience and helped us understand why working together is important. In our 4th year, we had a South India Tour for 15 days which was again very special and I have some fond memories. And finally, in the last year it was an All India Tour for almost 21 days with one bogie of train reserved for us. These Survey Camps and Educational Tours helped us to realize and understand in way just more than the theoretical knowledge and exposed us to real–world projects. This helped us greatly in the long run.

Most of the faculty who taught us were deputed from PWD until our batch. But, after our time, instead of deputation, proper faculty were appointed. Some of the faculty I recall is T N Suryakanth, B C Rajanna, BK Ramaiah, D B Narasimaiah and others. About DBN, we even today fondly recall his wonderful handwriting on the black board. He had a firm grip on the college affairs and everyone (including junior staff) would be afraid of him.

Team Sampada: As the person spearheading the renovation committee, Sir can you share with us some of the challenges that you faced in this renovation plan of UVCE?

Dr. R Jagadish Sir: The toughest challenge was to consider the renovation plan of 102 years old building. Under my supervision, renovation of SBM (now SBI) Main Building which is also very old was done. Some of the buildings at Central College and Good Shephard Chapel (also 100+ years old) were also done in which I was involved actively. I was honoured that I was involved in renovation of the heritage buildings which Sir MV himself had planned and executed during his time.

What was more vital is we had to make sure that nothing is disturbed – the roofs, the floors, the walls and for this, careful handling was necessary. We ensured that the renovation pans caused no part to be damaged. Along with this, the other important point was we had to maintain the original style and design for preserving its heritage status. We had to plan everything up to the minute detail in order to achieve this.

Team Sampada: Since the news of our renovation, queries have been pouring from alumni about what is the proposed deadlines and by when would all the construction in campus be complete?

Dr. R Jagadish Sir: We had to complete the work by August – September of this year. But due to few additional works and also the delicate work which needs careful handling, there is some delay. We intend to finish all the work by the end of this year.(When we enquired about the color of the building) As per the Govt rule, all Heritage buildings need to be in the same color – Brick Red – similar to High Court. (and yes it was a relief to hear)

The Ganda-Berunda emblem is being redesigned at the same spot. The front Heritage Structure (V-Shaped building) is almost nearing completion. The offices and other blocks – interior plastering is completed and final works are going on. As to the Chemistry and Physics Labs restoration, there is some additional work we have taken up. Existing Chemistry Lab is planned to be demolished since it is in very bad condition. The Canteen is already demolished. A new canteen is planned to be constructed shortly. A main “Grand Entrance” is planned to be built in place of existing NCC Building which will be specific for people coming from “Namma Metro”.

In the Mechanical block, after a huge challenge, we have managed to add one more floor in the existing building. This will help the department to conduct classes without any disturbance. The Workshops which were demolished and the final works are going on to clear the area. We have placed a 55 Crore estimate request to the Govt for a Ground + 5 Storeyed building in the place and there has been positive response from the Govt as well for this.

Team Sampada: Being a senior alumnus, what is your advice/thoughts to UVCE alumni group and on what has to be done by us as Alumni?

Dr. R Jagadish Sir: Everyone can contribute in their own way. I am glad that I am able to do some service to the alma-mater by involving in the renovation work of the building.

In financial terms, people who want to contribute funds can approach the University or the Principal directly. A separate account has been set-up for this purpose and it will be utilized in a judicious manner. Alumni should come forward to uplift UVCE to its original glory by liberal contribution via Cash/kind. They can even approach me directly in order to understand how they can contribute in kind and I will be happy to work with them. The alumni can approach the respective Chairpersons and get a list of equipment or necessary resources for their department and help them in procuring it.

At the moment, UVCE Foundation in association with Bangalore University has already set up Water Institute at UVCE and intends to start Isotope Hydrology Institute in the near future. They have donated the maximum funds required. Some NRI alumni have come forward to setup the Computer Science Lab and as well as the Placement Centre by providing the necessary equipment and furnishing the space.

In my strong opinion, Sampada is a wonderful medium to share our thoughts and collect the opinions of alumni and students. I have read most of the editions and appreciate the work that is put to publish it. My recommendation would be to include some technical articles, mainly by current students and some specific insights about the current competitive world by alumni to guide the students in the upcoming editions.

– Dr R Jagadish, Sampada-114

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