UVCEGA 3rd AGM is happening on 18th June, Sunday. The notice is included in this edition. We are requesting the UVCEGA members to RSVP via this link

There were multiple stories in newspapers about UVCE and its plight in the recent past which we have collated and published in this edition. Along with the alumni, even we are concerned about the UVCE brand with such repetitive news making the headlines. We hope that everything will be sorted shortly.

Along with the list of Donors for UVCEGA Scholarships 2022-23, we have listed some special contributions as well. We once again thank all our alumni for their support & generous contribution in order to make this a success. There is also a special article from few team members of UVCE Chronicles discussing their experience of being part of it and publishing these audio interviews.

We are glad to inform that our LinkedIn Page has crossed 2150+ followers. Follow us to get regular updates.

A conversation with Manjunath Prasad, IAS Officer and well known Govt Official has been released recently. Listen to latest episodes from UVCE Chronicles here – UVCE Chronicles on Spotify

Team Sampada hopes that you will enjoy this edition… Until next time! Please write to us at sampada@visionuvce.in and we will be elated!


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