Best Class 2.0 (Aug,2019-Jan, 2020)


  • Identify and convince minimum of 30% of your classmates who are willing to participate voluntarily.
  • Get this Application signed from everyone. If you have filled the online version to begin with, you will need to get signatures from everyone by the end of First Week of the Competition.
  • Select the Co-Ordinators for your class by the end of this week. We will be calling a meeting of the Co-Ordinators this Saturday
  • The first task will be to identify the categories you want to focus and shortlist them. More details about this will be shared with your Co-Ordinators.
  • Every class can have its own interpretation for the criteria and decide how they want to act upon it accordingly. They can have the initiatives designed as per the group wish. There will be judging points which will be evaluated based on each of the factors and goals met.
  • Few suggestions will be provided from our end. Primary goal and secondary goals needs to be identified. These are critical for self-evaluation, PoC evaluation as well as judged by the organizers.


We are glad that 14 classes (from first, second and third year) showed interest to take part in this initiative in its second iteration. Based on the above evaluation and normalizing the scores, we announced the winners

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  • Three Categories for Criteria have been decided:
    • Communication & Soft Skills (Activities within classes; Effective Communication -Writing & Speaking; Attitude;
      Time Management)
    • Academics & Technical (Attendance; Internals Scores/ Class Percentile; Online Courses; Innovation/ Projects/ Technical Seminars within class)
    • Volunteering & Participation (Helping hands in college or hostel events/activities; Participating in events -inside & outside college; Extra Circular activities – Sports, Cultural etc; Campus Cleanliness & Brand UVCE)
  • Based on the feedback, we have modified the concept of Point of contact (PoC) this time. We will be creating cluster of classes (say 3 or 4 class put together will be called as a cluster) and there will be 2 or 3 PoCs for this cluster as a whole. There will be a Functional PoC, who will have a separate role on few of the responsibilities as well.


After participation in the event, few students/classes shared their thoughts and experiences when they took part. Couple of them are shared in this post to know how it benefited them and the class in total

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Know about the Evaluation Details (different levels and the points) and the Criteria Description in the attached file here. From VisionUVCE, we hope that a healthy competition between ever buzzing classes of UVCE branches on a selected set of areas like Innovation, Activities would amplify the overall development of students into engineers in a big way. And with that thought, we are proposed the “Best Class Of The Semester” competition last year which was pretty successful and students enjoyed participating in it. So, we have continued the second iteration of the competition.


To evaluate the performance, we have devised a plan as below

Level-1: Self Evaluation

Level-2: Alumni PoC Assessment

Level-3: Judges Evaluation

You can find the complete details about Evaluation Criteria, Categories Description, Schedule and much more in the PDF file provide below:

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