After concluding the Best Class 2.0, we requested the various classes/students to share their experiences and feedback with us. Here are couple of them for us to ponder upon for the upcoming iterations:

Civil -1st Year (Karthik K.S, Navya .S)

“If there is something which can unite the entire class to work with integrity, then I would say it is the Best Class Initiative!”. We the students of 1st semester Civil A Sec are delighted to express our joy of making it to the runners up of Best Class 2.0. Through a series of fun filled and infotainment activities, we engaged the whole class to participate and contribute to the Best Class competition. Each and every person has played a key role in the participation and has gained confidence, courage, team coordination and a close bond of friendship in this process.
Here is a glimpse of some of the activities that were conducted:
* Students seminar on Problem solving and C programming.
* “Quiz for fun” – Quiz on topics related to General Knowledge, Space, Sports etc.
* Awareness program on cleanliness.
* Intra-class debate on implementation of ‘National Education Policy’.
* Planting more than 150 saplings of different variety for biodiversity preservation.
* Pick and Speak contest.
We were awarded Rs.7500/ – for being the runners up of Best Class 2.0. After a series of discussions, the class has decided to spend the prize amount for organizing events for upcoming civil students. Finally we thank the VisionUVCE foundation for organizing such a great initiative. We look forward to BestClass 3.0!

ECE 3rd Year (Sanjana M)

On the 23rd of January, 2020, some of my classmates and I visited the Marthoma Opportunity School. When we arrived, the students and the teachers gave us a warm welcome. The students of the Marthoma Opportunity School are differently-abled students from the ages of 5, all the way up to 40. Some of the students were autistic, some had down syndrome while some had certain learning disabilities. While it was a small school with about 50 students, the liveliness and love that filled the school was way beyond that.

Throughout the various activities and games, we watched the teachers tirelessly go around the circle, trying to get every one of the students involved. This once again reiterated to us and showed us the dedication and love these teachers have for their students. This is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world, requiring a massive amount of patience and selflessness. The teachers at the school did not fall short of this in any way and it was absolutely beautiful and heart wrenching to watch. Our short 4 hours with these students felt like an eternity, and we formed a special bond that is going to have us keep going back to the school to spend time with some of the most special students we have ever met. I think we learned so much from this short visit to the school, and it was genuinely one of the most unforgettable experiences of our lives. My classmates and I donated Rs.10,000 from the prize money we won from the BEST CLASS competition to the Marthoma Opportunity School.
On behalf of my classmates, I would like to thank Vision UVCE and everyone behind the BEST CLASS competition because we wouldn’t have gotten to meet some children who essentially changed our lives and taught us so much if it wasn’t for this competition. We went into the BEST CLASS competitions always thinking of bettering our technical and soft skills and bringing our class together, which it did do, but this experience was quite unexpected, special and beautiful. Its something we didn’t know would move us, overwhelm us and change us the way it did.