Namaskaara UVCEians,

Through this issue of Sampada, we once again explore how UVCE might just have the grandest, proudest, most altruistic and biggest network of proud alumni. Join us as we talk with alumnus, H R Krishna Prasad sir who fondly recalls his time at UVCE. We also look back at everything the 1995 Electrical batch have fondly done for the upliftment of college, commemorating 25 years since their graduation, which will definitely go a long way in helping budding engineers for years to come.

We look at snippets of UVCE in the media, right when news of propulsion for UVCE’s Autonomous proposal is finally in works. We also look into Vidyadeep, UVCE Foundation’s Scholarship Award Ceremony which saw Dr C N Ashwath Narayan Gowda, Deputy CM & Minister for Higher Education attend. Take a glimpse of the grand plans that have been set out and that are in store for our UVCE.

Finally, we update you with everything IEEE UVCE has been up to. IEEE UVCE is a student branch that has definitely left its mark within the IEEE Bangalore Section. Read on to get a glimpse of some of their events in action.

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