Borrowed from SAMPADA old editions – for the 10th Anniversary Special Issue – Special Guest Editorials section. This one is a creative one – Inner Voice of UVCE – speaking with the readers

A century is a long time and I have seen it all, growing and changing over the years, spirited through all the seasons standing tall with my head high. This year I turn 100 but being surrounded by newer young and bright minds, it seems I grow younger with every year.

I have served as a shelter for thousands of students who have graduated from here and they all have made me proud with their contributions to the world. Some of them are working at various capacities serving the society. And all these great men and woman across various parts of the globe have carried with them the tag of an UVCian with high esteem and in turn make the younger generations look up to them.

Students graduating from here have spread across diverse lands with some of them opting to serve in the army, other graduates in science and research have opted to teach newer students, few joined administrative service and of late, many are joining MNCs. Each one of them have been unique in their own way upholding the torch of UVCE with pride. Back then, I was overjoyed and thrilled to see women joining engineering in 1960 and now, they contribute to 50% of the strength striving as a leading example of women empowerment in our society. It always helps to know what they are doing after college and it is delight to see the alumni returning to me and reminiscing their golden days here.

In recent times, a few alumni and students have released a souvenir Avalokana, which talks about my journey over the years and has some wonderful memories documented with important milestones covered and is tagged with photos of younger me and students of various batches. One of the pupils from 1946 batch, Brigadier H R Gopal is interviewed in this edition of Samapda. Alongside the alumni and faculty of UVCE, even he witnessed the launch of Avalokana and I am very pleased that he recalled his memories as a student at UVCE even after so many years. Furthermore in this newsletter you can catch up with my current trends and updates through a couple of articles from the present batch students.

Over the years, I was decorated and made to look younger camouflaging my century old stance. There has been some reports in newspapers and media about my permanent uplifting and making me even more beautiful in the future and articles regarding them are laid out in detail in the inside pages.

Even though I have faced many ups and downs in this journey it has been quite exciting. Yes, there are a lot of things that can be recuperated here and I am sure of it happening down the line. I may be old but I am not obsolete. With all your support, we will make sure that graduates are modeled towards excellence at UVCE who will continue to make and be the change the world deserves. I will live forever in the smile of every UVCEian who carry me with them but I wish to shelter more students to help mold them into proficient engineers that will help build a better future for humankind and all of us.

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