Namaskaara UVCEians,

Hope you are all safe and sound in the current situation.

We understand this lockdown brings lot of fear, discomfort and confusion. To cure you dilemma and fill your face with a smile from all the nostalgic memories of your alma mater, here we are with the yet another edition of SAMPADA!

With lockdown in place and nowhere to go, we have all loads of time in hand and how are everyone coping with the pandemic scare. Thoughts on this and much more is shared by our beloved students, alumni and faculty.

Flip your pages through the edition to find some comforting advice, some memories down the lane, some lockdown fun chronicles, some quarantine tips and much more!Without further delay, read away!

Team Sampada hopes you and your dear ones continue to stay safe and healthy! Please feel free to share your articles, memories and feedback at

#StayHome, #StaySafe


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