Here is the Final list of VisionUVCE Scholarship awardees for the year 2017-18. Congratulations!!

We have tried our best to help the maximum people possible
within the limitations and understanding. We know and understand that each of the people were eligible and deserving. We assure that, apart from Scholarships too, if you approach us for any other support/guidance, we will try to help.

We thank the alumni who joined hands and contributed funds generously. Also, we are grateful to the alumni who came down to college during the interview process in spite of their busy schedule and interacted with the students. As we have been assured sufficient funds from alumni across the globe, we have the final list which has the names of 28 Full Scholarships & 44 Half Scholarships for this year.

We will be announcing the dates for Scholarship distribution shortly, which will be a very simple event, just like the previous six years. We want the affair to be quiet and simple, but encouraging the students to put in their best efforts. We want to assure everyone who applied for the Scholarships or attended the interviews, that you can approach us for any sort of help you need without any kind of hesitation.

Details about Scholarship Distribution will be announced shortly…

Full Scholarships

Name Year Branch Name Year Branch
Akshata Gondakar 3 CIV Vanita Babu Marathi 3 CSE
Balaji 4 CIV Murari Payappa Walake 3 CSE
Gourishetti Veeresh 2 CIV Spoorthi D 1 CSE
Manjunath Chapparad 3 CIV Ashish 1 CSE
Kavya G N 2 CIV Manisha G 4 CSE
Mahadeva 2 CIV Vijay Kumar M S 2 CSE
K Anil Sagar 4 EEE Tejaswini D R 3 CSE
Aishwarya S 1 EEE Anu Prakash 3 CSE
Pooja Bp 3 EEE Madhukumara C R 3 MECH
Chethan.V.R 2 EEE Vivek R K 3 MECH
Annapurna K G 4 EEE Nagaraj S Baraker 2 MECH
Keerthi C V 2 EEE Basavaraj M Teli 3 MECH
Meenakshi Yadav C G 4 ISE Chethana Gowda K B 3 MECH
Sharanagouda 1 CSE Vinayak Aski 1 EEE

Half Scholarships

Name Year Branch Name Year Branch
Suresh Maradi 4 CSE Mohammed Rafeeq 3 CSE
Akash Gowda L V 2 EEE Shruthi H N 3 CSE
Vinay S 1 CIV Sumant Subray Bhat 1 CSE
Pooja 2 CIV Raghavendra Kumbar 1 ECE
Vidyasagar 3 CIV Basavaraj Mulimani 1 ECE
Bhagyashree 2 CIV Ramakrishna M 3 ECE
Pavan Shivajirao 3 CIV Mahesh M Chalawadi 2 ECE
Sandhya G 2 CIV Meghanathan K S 3 MECH
Pallavi 2 CIV Shital Hinglaje 3 MECH
Prathviraj B 2 CIV Hanumant N Goudar 3 MECH
Rasika A Honnakkanavar 1 CIV Sunil O R 3 MECH
Jaibheem 1 CIV Sharath K 3 MECH
Ashwini 3 EEE Rajole Vidyanand 4 MECH
Siddharaj 2 EEE Darshan A P 3 MECH
Raghu K S 3 EEE Meraj 2 MECH
Pradeepa P 2 EEE Gururaj Rangappa Patil 2 MECH
Suma H.K 4 EEE Krishnakant S Jagadale 2 MECH
Sheema Sultana 3 ISE Manmatha 3 MECH
Mamthaj A 3 ISE Karthik Singh 3 MECH
Ramyashree D R 2 ISE Bhagyalakshmi 2 CIV
J Rajashekhara 4 ISE Lakshmeesh 2 CIV
Praveen Anil Patil 1 CSE Shradda 2 ARCH

As mentioned earlier, starting this year, we would like to monitor the progress of the scholarship awardees in order to check the efficiency of the scholarship initiative. We will be meeting them once in two months and we would like to them to be present compulsorily present and share their views and thoughts with us. More details about it  shortly..