Continuing our efforts to strengthen the alumni connection after UVCE Payana, we planned “Sammilana” on Engineers Day, 15th September. As lot of alumni mentioned, keeping the momentum that had gathered during UVCE Payana was very important. Around 70 alumni attended the event at Century Club, with the senior most alumni being K T Bhimsena from 1950 EEE batch.

Event Proceedings

  • 11:00 AM: The event began with alumni coming in and interacting with each other. They slowly settled down and the event commenced.
  • 11:40 AM: Satish (2009 batch) addressed the gathering and greeted them on the occasion of Engineer’s day and explained the agenda for the day and later handed it over to Srikanth from 1993 batch
  • 11:45 AM: Srikanth sir with his grace and charm shared a few stories of Sir MV that was untold and left an essence of Engineer’s day acknowledging Sir MV’s birthday with us. “Service to the nation is something that can’t be measured and it begins with a small step and our step is UVCE.”
  • 12:15 AM: Team Payana briefed about the event “UVCE Payana 100 and Beyond” and the memorable journey. They put forward the finance details of the centenary event alongside running through with all the positive results the celebrations triggered. Payana paved a way for some brilliant outcomes in helping with UVCE placements and also gathering more facts, memories and stories to elicit in Avalokana 2. UVCE Lecture Series is another phenomenon that will be indulged to encourage alumni to share their knowledge and experience with the college and students.
  • 12:40 AM: Major General Neelakantappa sir delivered the Alumni Association’s ongoings that resonated with everyone who voiced their opinions in regard with the matter. He strongly placed the facts for everyone along with the timeline of all activities that were witnessed over the last year. B N Anand also added his points in this regard about the current scenario. Many alumni raised concerns about the current situation and expressed their views to rectify it and strengthen it further by taking the necessary measures. The need for functioning of official Alumni Association was acknowledged by everyone. We also had an alumni from 1950, K T Bhimasena who participated in the event with great enthusiasm and also shared some wonderful stories with us.
  • Also, Dr Sinivasan KV from 1964 batch made a few points for restructuring of UVCE and other Government Science colleges in Bangalore bringing about a ‘Bangalore Science and Technology University’ with full autonomy and recognised as an Institution of National Importance; and that this would pave way to regain its prominent status as the best and most sought after Engineering Institution in this State and amongst the best in the Country.
  • 1:15 AM: Q&A session was encouraged before lunch to clear any impediments and also encouraged alumni who were willing to be an active entity in helping with the events that will be beneficial to the college and its students. All the alumni together acknowledged the event proceedings and vowed to support us and be more active in any future endeavours of UVCE. And Satish summarised the whole schedule for the day along with the agenda and the event broke for lunch at 1:30

Next Action Plan

  • There is a necessity of proper follow-up in all aspects – alumni involvement, giving back to college, reviving Alumni Association and all these need proper planning. Payana Team along with some senior alumni need to work on it and share it with everyone.
  • Short Term:
    • Launch of Avalokana-2 (By end of October)
    • VU Scholarships for students (By end of October) – Schedule will be shared shortly. Raising funds is one of the tasks along with shortlisting needy students.
    • Lecture Series (Proper plan needed)
    • Placement opportunities for students (current batch) – Get more alumni from various organizations to join
    • Build Alumni Database (Now) – Identify 3-4 people for each batch and gather their batch details (since most alumni have their own WhatsApp group now). Even the senior alumni should be reached and their Contact Address need to be collected.
  • Apart from following up about the Appointment of Administrator for Alumni Association, the following details need to be obtained:
    • List of members – All the members present today wanted to know their membership status since most of them had paid during their graduation
    • New Membership Application Forms – For people whose names are not there in the Alumni Association list, so that we can get them registered
    • A letter has to be sent requesting complete information about the members of the Alumni Association
  • Regular meetings with some proper action plan and results need to be conducted. This can be under the banner of UVCE Payana only. Some of the funds from UVCE Payana can be dedicated towards this which will help in strengthening the alumni interaction.