Sampada can be considered as a source of inspiration for thousands of alumni and students who look forward for a platform to contribute.

For any institution, documentation of the events and activities especially important milestones is very essential. This maintenance of information in a chronological sequence is a herculean task – says Air Vice Marshall Abhayakumar sir who with atmost humbleness wrote the most anticipated editorial for us, it’s that guidance, support and enthusiasm which gives us the pleasure in bringing out this 100th edition of Sampada.

Here we are….! with never before seen news, the “Bulkier” 100th edition of Sampada bringing together all the Padma Vibhushan awardees from UVCE who have soulfully shared there opinion and memories with us.

The biggest news that Team Sampada has ever covered…!!
UVCEians in “The NOBEL” awardees – Who is that UVCEian? dig in to discover 🙂

“If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood” as quoted by Peter Handke. Sampada is one such platform striving in bringing forth many more storytellers.

Millions of memories….Myriad of stories… by students, alumni and well-wishers packed in this 100th special edition. Make this Sunday a funday, read and rejoice because it’s rendezvous of namma UVCE’s journey with Sampada who both are at their 100’s.

PS: The best part about Sampada is reaching out to people…!! We at Sampada would love to see your window to UVCE reach out to every single UVCEian across the globe and to know your stories and opinion…!
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