We are writing this article neither to discredit the organization nor anyone in particular, but the entire process has disillusioned us and made us think about how wrong the entire system is. To read what has happened in the past, check these blogs:

We went and met the Returning Officer on Thursday, B K Venugopal and requested him to share the Electoral List since the election was on Saturday. But he was unable to provide us the details.

Then we also submitted a letter to the President on the same day saying to add 2 points – Bylaw and Members list to be provided to all the members- during AGM. This was in accordance with the Ad published in newspaper. The website was not updated until 2 days before the AGM, which was also brought to the notice. We also shared the copies of all the letters and email correspondence from our end to the Alumni Association to which there was little or no response.

On Friday we receive an update saying there will be no elections since one candidate has retired and all 8 posts are unanimously elected. Again, the entire election process itself was under scrutiny and even that was cancelled.

So, we had to meet only for Special General Meeting and AGM during second half. We observed few security guards on that day near Alumni Association to help with vehicle parking which was quite strange. Little did we know about the actual purpose!

We also heard from seniors that an Observer had been appointed by the Dy Registrar to look into the entire process. During Special General Meeting, as soon as the President announced that Amendments to bylaws were being proposed, Maj Gen Neelakantappa sir asked couple of important queries, saying-

  • The By law committee was formed during last AGM. Were they provided with Bylaw copies?
  • How many times did the committee meet and what are their observations? First that needs to be informed to the members.

Those were very valid questions since we knew that they met only 2-3times with very short notice. Also, they were not provided with Bylaw copies as well.

This led to a huge commotion and questions of alumni were not answered. Security guards were called inside to escort few of the members out. This embarrassed some very senior alumni and they left the meeting immediately. But few of us stayed back, but were not heard at all. The Secretary continued with the presentation of all the amendments. When questions were asked about each change, we were told to discuss at the end. Again, there were loud debates and the President called the Police to the Association premises which was uncalled for and an intimidating tactic. This was humiliating to everyone and we demanded the President to cancel the meeting and do not proceed with any amendments without proper process being followed. But, the office bearers wanted to put it for vocal vote and though there were more ‘NOs’, it was not given the due recognition.

After this even in AGM, the same attitude continued from the office bearers. When couple of members asked about the members list, they were told everything will be put up in website. We brought to their notice that it was promised last time too and we have not got any update despite repeated requests.

Also, an alumnus from 73 brought to everyone’s notice that the Audited reports did not have President and Treasurer Signatures but only CA signature and seal were present. When questioned about it, we were given some cover up answers. Also there queries about the income and expenditure details as well (specifically about TDS) but again we did not get satisfactory response.
After all this concerns, elections results were announced (Returning Officer was not present and he had handed it over to one more alumni to make the announcement). Again, there were loud protests about this and lots of complaints were made. Majority of the alumni did not agree with it and a signature campaign against it was done with around 35 people signing it. We tried to educate mane alumni about the current affairs since they had little idea about the background. We tried to reason with the office bearers but were not listened to. We are not sure of what else we could do settle it amicably.

Further orders and process by the Dy Registrar is awaited based on the Observer’s report. We are hoping that our concerns will be addressed in a proper manner. We will keep you posted about the further updates.