UVCE Alumni Association is the parent body which can work as a platform for all UVCEians to network and work towards making UVCE a better place. From quite few years now, the Alumni association has turned deaf and blind to Alumni needs and requests. Inactivity and ignorance before also led to many active groups forming trusts and now associations.

Some of the activities of these groups including Mega reunion, Scholarship, Souvenir, Magazine could have inspired one or two of the office bearers however it only led to preventing the association hall being used by the alumni for meetings.

In this way the Association has been defunct from sometime now and we find it opaque to all the recursive request made by all the Alumni with great efforts. Multiple actions on multiple occasions have been tried by Alumni to:

  • Make it more active by being involved as much as possible.
  • Request to announce the members list and make new members by carrying out a simple registration.
  • Obtaining By-law copy to know better how it needs to function.

Irrespective of the repeated efforts, we have not been able to get the members list, by-law copy and no elections have been conducted for a long time now. It is not just us, many Senior Alumni have tried to become members of the association but no interest was not entertained or paid attention to.

Sustenance of UVCE with Alumni Support to build a better community is tarnished by the irresponsibility and undemocratic manners incorporated in the current Managing Committee of the UVCE Alumni Association.

Senior alumni like Dr MR Srinivasan, Dr VK Aatre, Prof Rhoddam Naramihan (PadmaviBhushan Awardees), AVM Abhaya Kumar, Maj Gen Neelkantappa have all raised this issue and agree that it needs to be revived and made functional in a democratic and transparent manner. We want to meet the Registrar of Societies and request him to intervene in this matter. In order to showcase that UVCE Alumni (though technically members, but not officially or unaware that they are already members) want this to happen at the earliest.

The concern of the Alumni towards the deteriorating UVCE Alumni Association has pushed us to begin this Petition for revival of UVCE Alumni Association with transparency, freedom and sincerity. Please do sign this in order to show the solidarity along with us.