A Fresh Start and a Fresh Edition! Here we are and back with the first edition post the Centenary Mark of namma Sampada Edition with SAMPADA 101! Starting with this edition, Team Sampada has new ideas and new dreams and new hopes for the next editions to come! And what we need the most is your helping hand. We want to involve the alumni even more and together emphasize the UVCE essence in SAMPADA.

Talking about glory and centenary, UVCE Payana – an event to celebrate namma UVCE’s Centenary Journey is right around the corner. This is will be the platform for our Alumni from all batches to come together and bond as one family of UVCEians and do their part for the Alma Mater. So, Register soon if you haven’t and be there on June 30th and July 1st 2018. Visit www.uvcepayana.in and find more details inside.

This edition is packed with our current final year students and soon-to-be young alumni sharing their stories of 4 years at UVCE, all the details of MILAGRO 2018 Celebrations and not to miss the mesmerizing interview with Sundar Ram P Reddy, Batch of 1958 sharing excerpts from his UVCEian Journey, all the UVCE in News Bits and much more! Without any further delay, here’s to enjoy reading another edition of SAMPADA! See you soon at UVCE Payana!


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