We had covered a story about Save UVCE Alumni Association few weeks back – stating the flow of events as they happened. It included the previous AGM, petition filed at the Dep.Registrar demanding the elections to be held, follow-ups with the office bearers and behind the scene Elections declared (without anyone knowing about it)

You can read about it in detail here – http://www.visionuvce.in/sampada-stories/uvce-what-next/save-uvce-alumni-association/

Now, we have the verdict from the Dep.Registrar as shown in the images below:


It states that based on the petition filed and the responses given by the defendant, there were several hearings held. Though the office bearers of Alumni Association claimed that only 21 people who had signed (out of 44) were members, it is evident that each and every member has the right to raise concerns and ask questions on the functioning of the Association. The order also states that the the claim that the “Announcement” will be made on the Notice Board about AGM or Elections are not acceptable. Based on these observations, the order has been issued saying, the instructions have to be carried out duly within 2 months(60 days) after the order has been issued:

  1. Calendar of Events for Election has to be decided and announced along with the Returning Officer to all the members via post afresh, along with making announcement in 2 leading daily newspapers.
  2. Based on Karnataka Society Registration Act 1960, Annexure II, finalize the date for Annual General Body Meeting as per the By-law of the Association . Wide publicity to be done for the Annual General Body Meeting by sending the notice and meeting agenda well in advance (21 days prior). Also, the minimum quorum required (as per the By-law) needs to be verified for conducting the AGM.

This Order has been issued on 12th April 2018 and we obtained it on 19th April due to some misunderstanding. We are sorry for the delay in updating everyone about the same.

With such clear instructions, we demand the office bearers of Alumni Association to inform everyone about :

  • Cancellation of the current Election and General Body meeting on April 28th
  • The new Calendar of events for election along with the Returning Officer announcement
  • Making the electoral list available to everyone at the earliest.
  • Availability of the final by-law copy with the original information and added amendments of further meetings.
  • Dates of announcement in the newspapers and sending the post to the alumni members
  • Intimate everyone about the dates of announcement of all the further activities like Special General Body Meeting and the Agenda of the meeting in prior notice.

If the current office bearers do not agree and continue with the current process, we will be continue supporting Anand who is pursuing the legal action. We also request the alumni to come down on April 28th in huge numbers and stop any further action from happening. Alumni Association needs to function in a transparent, democratic manner, especially when it is representing the alumni of UVCE. We request everyone to share this with your friends and batchmates and discuss the way forward, since Alumni Association needs to be strengthened to make our voice heard. Write to us – samvaada@visionuvce.in