How many of you guessed the location that was shown in the image with the previous article? For your reference, here it is again –

UVCE_LectureComplexWould you believe, if we told you that it is the terrace portion of the “Lecture Complex”? The classrooms in this building have a tough time during the rains. Almost all the classrooms become mini-ponds during this time. The students had to write the exams in the very same rooms, praying that it should not rain during that time, else their answer sheets would become drenched.

Want to see the condition of the compound wall around the college building? OR the parking space in front? Should we talk about the Seminar Hall? OR shall we let the pictures talk…




Many of you have visited the Labs & workshops and know the condition already. And we cannot even talk about the restroom conditions. We do agree that the college is a 100-year old building and that should be the reason for its proper maintenance not the reason when something collapses there. We can list the structures that are in shambles and due to which the senior alumni may feel the sad state the college is in or we may be blamed of demeaning the college. No, it is not.. We are trying to keep the real scenario in front of the readers and nothing more. The plan for Centenary Celebration in the existing condition reminds me of the famous saying – “When the foundation itself is not stable, how good will the building be?”

Now, we know the question will be what is the University doing? What are the actions taken by the Govt? This was the precise reason we are/were trying to gather the info via RTI. We do understand that many felt that it is a futile exercise which would not give any results. To be precise, it is more than 90 days now that we are still trying to gather the data about – Total Fees collected by students in last 3 years and what has been spent on UVCE in these 3 years.

We have been told to collect the data from the college, though the entire transaction happens with “Finance Officer, Bangalore University” which itself was strange. In college, there is no single central place to get the details. We get UG admission details alone in the Office. Everything else needs to be collected in the individual Departments. Few Departments did have the data ready on demand. While in couple of other departments, it has been almost next to impossible task to get this data. There is no proper data or structure. We have been behind the authorities and the HODs from past few months. If we have bothered them, we apologise whole-heartedly. We had to sit through many weeks, to get into a proper format.

At this moment, we have received the below data formatted:

* Total fees collected (by both UG & PG students) over the period of 2012-15 : Rs.23 crores

* Total expenditure from BU on UVCE (as per the Budget Book) in the same duration : Rs.3 crores

Please note: 1. The expenditure does not include the salaries of the staff. This is as per the request made in our RTI. We are informed that there is exclusive Govt Funds allocated only to pay salaries.

  1. The expenditure mentioned approximately 90 Lakhs being spent on “Introduction of New Course in Electronics Engineering” which no one has heard about.
  2. We are not sure about the Electrcity / Telephone / Internet expenses, since they were not mentioned explicitly in the budget. However, it includes running expenses of labs, lab equipment, vehicle maintenance, Office Purchases & Expenses etc.

We will be uploading the documents on our website shortly once we have the complete data. The numbers may not be exact, but needs to be considered as an approximate because of the nature of the details collected. Hope we all agree about it.

We always like to end on a positive note. That will give us the inspiration to move forward, right?

UVCE_SAE-DesignWell, the placements of 2016-17 batch has started on a high note! Dell R&D, Avaya , Nutanix have already visited the campus and selected the students. JP Morgan had a competition and 2 of the Final Year students have bagged “Job Offers” which offer a very good package.

One other good news is SAE UVCE Team has been qualified for SAE Baja 2017 & they will be building an All-Terrain vehicle. They have secured 50th rank out of 400. We, from VisionUVCE Team, are glad to have supported their previous attempts & assure to continue to do so going forward. Do well, Team!!

 – Satish A G, VisionUVCE Team

If you have any thoughts – issues to be raised or suggestions to improve regaridng UVCE – share it with us. We will publish it in this series of articles. Write to