Borrowed from SAMPADA old editions – for the 10th Anniversary Special Issue – Interviews section. This one is of Kalavathy Bylappa,1995 EEE.

Team Sampada:Please share some of the wonderful memories of UVCE with us and about how it has influenced your personality.

Kalavathy :During our time, UVCE, BMS and RVCE were the best colleges in Bangalore. The most memorable incident was I got seat in Civil engineering at UVCE and was inclined to persue BArch. when reapplied for the change of branch. The bangalore University education head gave me an option to change the college for BArch in BMS engineering college. My parents did not agree to change the college but to try within UVCE as it holds a vast history and only one government engineering college. with this the option I took change of branch from Civil to Electrical branch.

One of the proud moment for being an UVCEian:

After my graduation, As a women engineer my passion was to make career in any designing field.  when applied for my first Job @ a PCB manufacturing company for a CAD/CAM engineer position. To my surprise I was offered the job without any interview process. Later learnt the Director said about my profile that no assessment is required as she came from UVCE.

Team Sampada:When you graduated, how was the scenario? How difficult was it for woman engineers to work then and how did your generation tackle it?

Kalavathy :Post this 2yrs of CAD/CAM experience with the IT industry boom I moved to IT .

Many companies when applied for job, they were hesitant to consider my profile as they feared if we hire a women engineer she may resign anytime once her marriage is fixed and the in-laws would not prefer her to work, or may relocate due to marriage. Later would come up with maternity leaves and asking for permission to take care of the kids etc. which will lead for the projects to suffer.

One of my own instances would like to share

During my first child 5th month’s pregnancy my profile was shortlisted for a Systems Analyst Role at an MNC company. With the dilemma of whether to attend or not to try went ahead attended the interview and offer was made. The project team had challenge in considering me with my current situation, However the HR made it clear as per the labor law one cannot be denied job opportunities citing biological condition. took up the new job with same commitment, dedication and worked until the last 3 days of my delivery (3+ months). the project team was very impressed with my work dedication. post my return after my maternity I was promoted from Systems Analyst to Lead with just 3+ months and maternity period.

Follow you passion, give your 100% to whatever work your do. The results need no explanation.

Team Sampada:In recent times, we see lot of youngsters who are restless (irrespective of girls/boys) and unsatisfied with their careers. What advice would you give them?

Kalavathy:The youngsters has more career options and opportunity which was lacking during our time. Lots of forums to encourage and guide the youngsters in every step. Advice to the youngsters is to encash these opportunities and set your career path in whichever field you plan to pursue. go with the dedication, passion and the result will always be fruitful.

Team Sampada: Please share details about your professional life and as well as your other hobbies/interests. How were you able to balance them?

Kalavathy:Started my career in IT as a software trainee  and scaled to Head a Technology product QA team in these 20+ years. Worked for companies Like CRC software India, Ness Technologies, SAP Labs, Thomson Reuters. In 2016 I joined hands with my entrepreneur husband as one of the Director to head the company Tranway Technologies Pvt Ltd (Software IT services and solutions) headquartered in Bangalore, India with offices in South Africa and Malaysia. Our company are pioneers in IT and Non-IT staffing solutions and product development.

As an hobby I developed interest in making designer gel candles and painting (any media). 4 years back got an offer to  take up a navigator role in Car TSD rallies. participated in couple of Rallies organized well recognized Rally group like Times Womes Drive .
For any work when you do it with passion, you will make time for it to complete along with your day-to-day chores.

Team Sampada:If given an opportunity, how would you like to give back to your alma mater from an alumni perspective?

Kalavathy:We need to come up with programs to empower the engineers during their degree tenure in creating and building awareness of the industry requirements. This experience will surely help them to choose and pursue their careers better.

Kalavathy Bylappa, 1995 EEE

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