Borrowed from SAMPADA old editions – for the 10th Anniversary Special Issue – Interviews section. This one is of Madhav, 1985 Civ.

Team Sampada: When did you graduate from UVCE and why did you choose UVCE?

Madhav: I am from Beeravara, Magadi Taluk. My High School education was at Siddaganga Rural High School. After finishing my SSLC, I studied in National College, Basvanagudi. UVCE ranked as the No. 1 Engineering College then and I was very determined to join it from early on.

Infact, I had opportunities in both Medical and Veterinary, but I decided to join UVCE only, even though many advised me against it. However, my mind was made up and when I secured the seat at UVCE in the Civil branch, it was equivalent to being selected in IAS for me.

Team Sampada: What are some of the highlights whilst studying in college then?

Madhav: At that time, Civil Engineering at UVCE was well acclaimed and the entire faculty was respected immensely. Stalwarts like Dr Ranga, Dr BC Rajanna, Dr Jagadish inspired the complete generation and we were further motivated and encouraged to join the public service domain because of such eminent professors. Many of us were motivated to continue with our Post Graduation because of their teachings and the knowledge they imparted. I completed my PG in 86-88 in Environmental Engineering at UVCE. I later joined as a lecturer at SJCIT, Chikkaballapura & served for around 8 years. My journey & learnings at UVCE were extremely helpful during my teaching days & later in my career when I joined Public Works Department in 1996.

Team Sampada: Tell us about your career and other activities you are involved with. In addition, how did you get involved in alumni activities?

Madhav: As I mentioned I joined PWD in 1996 and I have been involved with various departments within PWD – Karnataka Police Housing Department and several Irrigation related Departments. Currently I am involved with ACIWRM (Advanced Centre for Integrated Water Resource Management) as Superintending Engineer and Registrar. I am also involved with the Hydrology Unit as Superintending Engineer and Project Director and WRDO (Water Resources Department) – Dam Improvement Sector as Project Director. I have visited Brazil, America, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries on Government duty for various conferences and workshops related to both Roads and Dams.

I am founding member of Karnataka Engineers Academy (KEA) and currently am serving as a Management Committee member. KEA is an independent self-governing and non-profit organization established to serve the state in matters of engineering concern and dedicated to the Engineering fraternity. I am also part of “Samaja Samparka Vedike” and have been involved in supporting rural students with scholarships guidance etc.

I have been trying to be associated with Alumni related activities via Alumni Association and other channels with a sole purpose to “Give Back” to my alma mater. However, it was around 2010, when Mega Reunion was gaining momentum; I became part of UVCE Foundation officially as a part of the Organizing Committee and I have not looked back ever since. I am doing my little bit in various ways to help including abetting Scholarships to students. This year, thanks to our generous donors, we were able to distribute Scholarships worth 25Lakh to around 220 students.

Team Sampada: We have had the best news in the Centenary year – 25 crores has been approved to renovate and improve the college for the future. You, along with other alumni from PWD department have been instrumental in implementing the project. Can you share some challenges involved in this project?

Madhav: It has been long due. Being a heritage institution started by Krishnaraja Wodeyar and envisioned by BharatRatna Sir M V himself, talks about renovation started long ago although it is “Better Late than Never” as the talks have come into force. About 8 to 9 Engineers from PWD were constantly involved in this work and very persuasive in getting this sanctioned. It is headed by Dr.Jagadeesh; Mr Mruthunjaya Swamy CE; Prof Srinivasamurthy B R, Professor at IISc and Task force Chairman, Suresh GT; Prasad. R, SE; Dr.Shantharajanna, SE; Basavaraj Koti, CE; Retd Chief Architect, PWD and many Assistant Engineers from PWD.

The main highlights of the renovation plan are:

  • Major Works at Mechancial block (restoration of beams and columns); Renovation of entire Mech block; Providing infrastructure to 2nd Floor is allocated around 7.9 Crores
  • Renovation of Hydraulic Lab; Renovation of Main iconic building; Improvement of Electronics Block; Restoring Physics/Chemistry block; Repair works of Lecture Complex and Library is allotted around 8.2 Crores
  • Dismantling of existing structures of Foundry, Fitting Shop, Carpentry; Construction of temporary structures for functioning of mechanical labs/workshops; Excavation for leveling and disposal of soil; Infrastructure facilities for foundry, lathe, fitting, smithy workshops is allotted 8.9 crores

Public Works Department to overlook the entire project and provide a project proposal. It has to follow all the necessary regulations and execute the project in a transparent manner.The entire project needs to be completed within 1 year. This letter is the administrative approval to utilize the funds and start the process.

Some of the major challenges are: Reallocation of Mechanical Lab equipment, machinery; Retaining the heritage structure of the main building while plastering and electrification; Construction work should progress with college work continuing normally; Location is at the heart of the city and hence all the transportation should take place during night time etc.
A Technical Monitoring Committee has been formed, which will be looking after the renovation and repair works at UVCE. The list of members is as below:

  • The Registrar, BUB – Chairman
  • Prof. R Jagdeesh, Member of Task force, GOK – Member
  • Sri. C Mruthyunjaya Swamy, Member Secretary Task Force, GOK – Member
  • Chief Enginner (C & B), GOK – Member
  • Chief Architect, GOK – Member
  • The Finance Officer, BUB – Member
  • Univeristy Engineer, BUB – Member
  • Chairman, Dept. Civil Engg, UVCE, BUB – Member
  • The Principal, UVCE – Member Secretary

Prof H N Ramesh, Dept, Civil Engineering, Chairpersons of other Departments of UVCE i.e Mechanical Engineering , Electrical Engineering , Electronics & Communications Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science & Engineering are also invited to attend the meetings.

Along with this, we have requested for an additional 10 Crores from the University for further Development activities. At this moment, we have a temporary acknowledgment for 5 crores from the University which is great gesture from their end.

PWD already has taken up such renovation works of heritage structures like High Court, Mayo Hall and we are confident of renovating it with better structure and new look within the time.

There are also further plans of constructing more buildings and developing existing ones in the total of 15 Lakh Sq.Km area. We will try our best to see what is possible.

Team Sampada: How do you want alumni to contribute to his project?

Madhav: We need to join hands with the Govt. and University in this matter. We cannot expect everything to be done on its own. Being alumni, it is our responsibility as well to work towards making UVCE a world-class institution and receive the due credit it deserves.

We can start with the items to be identified that can be sponsored by various dignitaries, alumni of UVCE. We can have the Solar panel supply as our initial objective where the erection, commission and connectivity to the grid can be divided into two stages.

  • 1st stage: Iconic block, Electronics and Communication block, Library hall, Physics and Chemistry block.
  • 2nd stage: Mechanical block and Hydraulic lab, the New block, Civil Engineering block and the Architectural block.

We can start with the water treatment plant along with the doors and windows beginning with the Iconic block, Electronics and Communication block, Physics and Chemistry block, Mechanical block, Library hall and the Lecture hall. The area, rate and specifications will be as per the schedule of rates in the renovation bill. We can go on with renovating the floors with granite and wall paneling. Glazed tiles for class rooms, smart teaching aids, department wise rooms, restoration of the amphi theater in the city campus, water restoration and drainage structures, Storage structures along with landscaping and installation of lighting, fixtures, fans, A/C etc are some of the important necessities we wish to bring about in UVCE.

Through this SAMPADA medium, I invite all the alumni to come and be part of this momentum. Since we have such huge alumni fraternity, it should be fairly easy to gather resources required. Suggestions and thoughts are welcome on how to move forward in this regard.

Though, it was not mentioned by him, here is a small addition from our Sampada Editorial Team research about Madhav:
Five Engineers of Water Resources Department were awarded with Sri S. G. Balekundri Award for the year 2016 for their outstanding services in a function organized in Banquet Hall, Vidhana Soudha, Bengaluru on 5th May, 2017 and we are glad to inform that Madhava was one among the Awardees. We congratulate him on his career achievements and hope that younger alumni and more students are inspired by such alumni.

– Madhav, Sampada-98

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