We started a petition few days back, saying that the heritage building of UVCE should remain at K R Circle and should not be shifted. Instead, this building needs renovation and be developed into a “Centre of Excellence”. So far, we have received around 2300 signatures supporting the cause and here are some of the comments-

Being a graduate from this renowned institution in 1958, I hate to see this institution shifted from the present location -basically a central point in bengaluru , to an inconvenient location away to a corner of the city. What is needed now is upgrading the present buildings and labs & other facilities.

– Shivananda Prabhu, Toronto, Canada

I am signing this petition because I am an alumni from 1983 batch. This campus needs renovation not relocation. It has its heritage and each time I pass through it, I cherish the days. And it is in the center of the city, so that girls are more benefited. As you know how safety is a concern for girls nowadays. I am a mother of a girl kid and I understand travelling so far will be very difficult. For the sake of all students, I want my college to stand there in the same place. Its not only for us, but also for future students. So for all your political necessities, don’t target colleges of historical importance. Please save our memories……Thank you

– Geetha Lakshmi, India

My dad and I both graduated from UVCE. Means a lot to me and our family. I would like to see us retain the heritage and preserve it for the next century of engineers who will drive innovation in very many ways, that we cannot foresee today.

– Madhukar Govindraju, California, USA

I am an alumnus of UVCE belonging to 1967 batch. Feel sad that the government intends to bring down a century old heritage structure. In fact the government should retain the old buildings like they have done with central college. I hope the chief minister who hails from the Heritage City of Mysore will be able to appreciate the issue and stop this mindless move.

– Mukunda N S, Bangalore

It’s contribution to engineering and the society is unquestionable and rightfully deserves better status. It’s Karnataka’s pride and it’s heritage and legacy is unmatched. Moving the college to elsewhere is as good as dishonoring Sir. M Visvesvaraya himself.

– Santosh Mathew, Muscat, Oman

I am an alumni of this greatest institution of Bangalore and of course Karnataka and the oldest institute envisioned by Sir M Visvesvaraya located in the centre of Bangalore serving the engineering aspirants for decades.. This is the tallest amongst all the colleges and institutes in the vicinity by virtue of its contribution and merit. It’s a pride in KR circle. Shifting it is a foolish act. Nowhere in the world , a running institute of pride and great academicians and history with it is shifted or destroyed except in Afghanistan when Taliban destroyed Buddhist architecture. The government should rethink about its idea of destroying the history.

– Sridhar Rao, India

I am an alumni of this prestigious institution which has a history of almost hundred years and was one of the first engineering college to be started in India. This college is located at a student friendly location well connected via all routes and has all the amenities for studies. Shifting to other place would lead students to face much trouble in commuting and the very own essence of this prestigious college will be lost. Hence I request the concerned authorities to kindly ensure the college stays Where it is and increase the heritage of this city and produce many great engineers in the future.

– Pramod Sridhar, India

Please do not abandon this beautiful campus and the centenary building where I spent the golden period of 4 years.

– Sagar Ravikumar, Germany

It is the college which makes every Bengaluru citizen to be proud. It has given thousands of great engineers to the world. Also, it is close to the busstand, railway stations. The location helps students to get good education and easy to travel. Kindly retain it at the same location.

– Chandra Puttanarasaiah, Dubai, UAE

I am an alumni and I know the value and proud feeling that comes of learning in the corridors built by Sir M V, the legend himself. It is a heritage building for this city… And it should remain so. Government should spend on renovating and improving infrastructure

– Anugeetha V, Singapore

The building and the location has a legendary history and the value of the college lies in this heritage building. Please let the building and college stay where it is currently.

– Rakshith N, Arkansas, USA

UVCE building and the college has an incredible history and a glorious presence amongst the engineering colleges in Karnataka. Year on year thousands of students benefit from the college and achieve greater height. Location of college is of atmost value to many students who get the finest possible exposure to the world they are entering into. The number of job offers students get is majorly impacted by the heritage and the location of the college. Bangalore is what it is because of its fine living monuments. UVCE building has been home of lakhs of engineers 100 years now, at this juncture we don’t want to forgo our home at any cost.

– Yogesha K S, Bangalore

I graduated from this wonderful college in 1951 and cherish the memories of my years there. I feel this great institution should be preserved and improved as our collective heritage for the posterity.

– Govinda Srikantiah, Palo Alto, USA

One of the few buildings in Bangalore that signifies our great heritage. And this should not fall into the “Land Developers” or Contractors trap.

– Rajaram V, Australia