June 30th, 6:00 AM

Ambedkar Bhavan, Vasanth Nagar

We reached the venue on time and so did the workers from our vendor. They got into work right away. Unloading the materials, sound systems, stalls and much more. Where would we be at this time on other Saturdays?

7:30 AM: Arch is ready at the entrance gate, Cleaning of the Auditorium is in progress

8:00 AM: With volunteers at the venue and all the items gathered, Registration Kits for the delegates is being put together !

8:30 AM: Stalls for Sponsors ready !! 300 Registration Kits Ready !! Caterers arrived !! Photographer arrived !! Last minute changes done and ID Card is here

Where would we still be on some other Saturday?

9:40 AM: Senior alumni start arriving.. But, the Registration Desks are not ready !! We are yet to learn the meaning of punctuality !! We buy some time since they are interacting with each other and also happy to help us.. Student Volunteers are briefed about their roles !!

10:00 AM: Stage is being set & our Walkie-Talkies are buzzing with last minute arrangements

10:30 AM: Coffee and Tea are being served as well the ID Cards along with Registration Kit is handed over to alumni by the students. What it contains is the million dollar question at the moment

11:05 AM: Chief Guest and Dignitaries have already arrived long back and with a 5-minute delay, inauguration of the event is kicked-off !!

One big sigh of relief for the day!! What an enthusiastic crowd we witnessed !!

12:30 PM: After some inspiring words and insightful speech by the dignitaries, the audience was taken on an amazing journey of 100 years of UVCE. Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly and were lost in wonderful memories of those days !! What rich heritage and culture UVCE has to it’s credit!!

But, wait, we cannot loose our sight from the clock.. Arrangements for lunch had to be made.. The running around continues with walkie-talkies…

1:10 PM: 10 minutes delayed for lunch, many volunteers – students and alumni turned into servers for senior alumni. It was a wonderful gesture and showcased what UVCE has taught us !!

Chit-chats from the past, relishing their memories of college days must have reduced the food’s taste… Though everyone were feeling content about the food, we were not happy about the turn-out! Especially from younger batches .. 🙁

2:15 PM: Panel discussion started about “UVCE: Next 100 Years” and some wonderful points were made by the panelists. We felt sad about few things which could have been taken up as initiatives from our side itself, sometime back.

“Better Late Than Never” – some announcements about Giving Back to UVCE was made and everyone were allowed to interact amongst themselves along with Coffee-Tea.. “Chai Pe Charcha” !!

5:15 PM: With stage being set for cultural evening, we expected more crowd than it what it actually was!! But you can’t get everything you wish for.. We learnt it the hard way!!

The additional food which was pre-ordered for Dinner was sent to one of the under-privileged hostels.. We will let the photos to talk about what happened on stage.. Fair?

9:30 PM: Curtain closes for Day-1.. Phew… What a day it was !!

Day 2, July 1st, 2018
Ambedkar Bhavan

8:00 AM: Where would we be at this time on some other Sunday? Preparations all set by 9:00 AM. Breakfast done.. Lights, Camera, Action…

10:30 AM : “Down the Memory Lane” – one of the most interactive session during the event. We are sorry to few of the senior alumni whom we did not allow to speak.. Well, we did wanted to listen to you but we were running short of time .. Sorry 🙁

12:10 PM : After listening to stories and experiences from 40s, 50s, 60s and so on, how could we forget the people who were actually the reason for moulding us?

Yes, the teachers !! We were glad to see the enthusiasm among both the retired and the current faculty. The love and respect towards them could be seen when all the audience stood up to appreciate their contribution.

“Gururbrahma, Gururvishnu, Gururdevo Maheshwaraha |
Guru Sakshaath Parabrahma, Tasmay Shree Gurave Namaha ||”

1:00 PM : Lunch was served and everyone was keen on visiting the college after lunch for Decade-Wise Group photos. That brings us to the end of 2-Day event, and yes even we were not happy about it coming to an end… Time flies and we experienced it in those 2 days..

We were not sure if the event was a success or not, but we tried our best to make sure it was a memorable to everyone who attended it !! Thanks to everyone who supported, encouraged, guided us –directly or indirectly- throughout the event.