Announcement of Shortlisted Candidates for Scholarship Interviews 2018-19

Further details on process, timings, venue updates on the interview are provided below the entire list

Name Branch Year Name Branch Year
Anusha D ARCH Third Md Toufeek ECE Second
Shraddha Shinde ARCH Third Ramesh Mugalihal ECE Third
Syma  Banu ARCH Fourth Praveen G Appinbail ECE Third
Jyothi B A ARCH Fourth Praveen Talawar ECE Third
Manvitha N M ARCH Fourth Avinash. T ECE Third
Gagan ARCH Fourth Venkat ECE Fourth
Sweeny Noronha ARCH Fourth Swaroop P S ECE Fourth
Manjunath CIV First Dnyaneshwar Karadi EEE First
Chandrakant CIV First Ankush EEE First
Thejika M K CIV First Mallikarjun EEE First
Basavaraj Jadhav CIV First Mudassir Shariff EEE First
Pairozkhan Meharabai CIV First Sahana. N EEE First
Nitish CIV First Amrutha C EEE Second
Rudresh G.F CIV First Anusha Sm EEE Second
Kusuma K S CIV Second Vinayak Aski EEE Second
Nagaraju CIV Second Krishna Naik L EEE Second
Sharath B M CIV Second Rajat R Lingadalli EEE Second
Bhagyashree Rathod CIV Second Aishwarya S EEE Second
Balappa Vashappa Kode CIV Second Rekha.S.R EEE Second
Abhishek Gupta CIV Second Deekshal U EEE Second
Basavaraj S Sankanatti CIV Second Pallavi. N. R EEE Second
Manjunatha B N CIV Second Navya.N EEE Second
Dhanush V CIV Third Tejashwini D S EEE Second
Gourishetti Veeresh CIV Third Sushmitha H R EEE Second
Aishwarya B CIV Third Pavan Basavaraj Kammar EEE Second
Namith H N CIV Third Amrutha M EEE Second
Apoorva S T CIV Third Deepak P Saini EEE Second
Pooja CIV Third Archana.M EEE Third
Bhagyashree CIV Third Raghu C EEE Third
Raghavendra CIV Third Rasiq Raja A EEE Third
Kavya G N CIV Third Pradeepa P EEE Third
Pooja H.N CIV Third Raghu K S EEE Fourth
Satish Kumar CIV Third Sachin Venkatraman Naik ISE Second
Madhusudhan P R CIV Third M U Anusha ISE Second
Mahamadsamer CIV Third Niranjana Hegde  B S ISE Second
Basavaraj Mallikarjun Badiger CIV Third Charan I Y ISE Second
Bandhavya S Avanti CIV Third Shwetha N ISE Third
Krishna Chandrappa Palagi CIV Third Allauddin Ustad ISE Third
Pavan K CIV Third Vidyadhar Vittal Pol ISE Third
Yashwantakumar L S CIV Third Sheema Sultana ISE Fourth
Akshata Gondakar CIV Fourth Stalin S MECH First
Jayashree N CIV Fourth Anand Kamatar MECH First
Adarsh V CIV Fourth Sachin Somannavar MECH First
Vidyashree.G CIV Fourth Praveen Kamble MECH First
Kallesha T G CIV Fourth Dheeraj Mahaveer Hirekude MECH First
Sachin Sajjan CSE First Akshay Bhosale MECH First
Niriksha Shree Mc CSE First Ramesh Shivarayi Horatti MECH First
Praveen Patil CSE First Tejas N MECH Second
Ravina.S CSE First Praveen Kadam MECH Second
Rohit M Telasinge CSE First Altaf Hasanasab Nadaf MECH Second
Jaishma Suvarna CSE First Siddharoodha Gubbewad MECH Second
Pavan. S CSE First Nagarjuna K MECH Second
Sharanagouda CSE Second Kashigowda M S MECH Second
Ashish CSE Second Krishnakant Sambaji Jagadale MECH Third
Md Rafiuddin Shah CSE Second Kushal K M MECH Third
Vinutha B CSE Second Abdul Latif MECH Third
Syed Maqthyar CSE Second Hanmantraya MECH Third
Niranjan CSE Second Thippeswamy V MECH Third
Devi  R M CSE Third Kadappa Kamble MECH Third
Vijay Kumar M S CSE Third Vinayaka MECH Third
Bhumika S CSE Third Arun MECH Third
Vikas G S CSE Third Rakesh S MECH Third
Vidya Ck CSE Fourth Mahadev MECH Third
Roshni Taj CSE Fourth Adarsh K H MECH Third
Harini T S CSE Fourth Nagaraj Sharanppa Baraker MECH Third
Rushal T R CSE Fourth Shivappa L MECH Fourth
Pooja S CSE Fourth Madhukumara C R MECH Fourth
Pavithra K CSE Fourth Basavaraj Mahadev Teli MECH Fourth
Lavanya R ECE First Mahmad Rafi MECH Fourth
Gurudatta Dindurle ECE First Veerabhadrappa B MECH Fourth
Kadasiddeshwar Kamate ECE First Sunil O R MECH Fourth
Noor Ayesha ECE First Meghanathan K S MECH Fourth
Prasanna Kumar N ECE Second Arunkumar MECH Fourth
Abhilash ECE Second Chethana Gowda K B MECH Fourth
Vanitha S ECE Second Balaji R MECH Fourth
Purushotham H P ECE Second Karthik Singh MECH Fourth
C Mallikarjuna ECE Second Vivek R K MECH Fourth


  • The process is on Saturday, 13th October, 2018
  • Announcements will start from 9:30 AM for Batch-1
  • Venue: Mechanical Block 1st Floor, UVCE, K R Circle
  • You will receive the Batch Details and other information via mail by Thursday night
  • There will be no second opportunities for interview apart from Saturday
  • More details on interviews will be informed beforehand on the day


  • Everyone is welcome to be part of the interview process. It is an opportunity to interact with students and understand the current scenario.
  • The process is on Saturday, 13th October, 2018
  • There will be 3 Batches in order to make sure dont miss their classes
  • Venue: Mechanical Block 1st Floor, UVCE, K R Circle
  • To contribute financially and know more about previous 7 years data, please click here