We, from VisionUVCE Team, have tried to draw an outline for the Centenary celebrations of UVCE which is fast approaching in 2017

Well, namma UVCE has a lot to be said about but we are very sure you wouldn’t miss a point and that is we are a proud 100 year Old College! YES! The pride and excitement with which we proclaim that, “My College is 100 years old and the stories of its glory and Heritage are never ending! “, that is common amongst every UVCEian.

With the year of celebrations for our 100th mark fast approaching, isn’t it our responsibility to take our pride from mere words & emotion to another level?  Well, we Team VisionUVCE have a plan and would like to share it with all of you. Let us make it clear, that it is not official celebrations (neither from University or the Alumni Association nor the College), but a group enthusiastic alumni who would like to make sure there is some momentum for the Centenary celebrations!!

So to not keep you in the blind spot, here’s more detail to it. We feel we could have an event on large scale for UVCEians say, once in every two months for the next year making it a total of 6 events for the celebrations. This is to make sure that we have more participation from the alumni based on their convenience and have the celebrations spread throughout the year to get “The Feeling”. We would want as many alumni possible to be part of it and make sure he/she become one of the “Proud UVCEian”!!

Now for this to happen it’s not a one man job or a one night work. As the wheels have to start rolling soon for the preparation, we can join our efforts and discuss about further details to take the initiatives forward at your convenience. For alumni wishing to be an enthusiastic volunteer of this, there could be say five coordinators from each batch and they can join in hands to roll out the preparation work for the centenary celebrations. The detailed plan can be sketched based on your thoughts/suggestions. We welcome everyone to share their ideas. To proceed further, we intend to have 2 meetings (physical) in college during July last week and September/October as well as 4 online meetings (Facebook/Twitter) to facilitate people who are interested to join hands but cannot be present.

Well, we can narrow the work by dividing it amongst us and have it done in a more organized way. Few of us could work on interacting with officials of the Government (who need to stretch their helping hand to us for the celebrations),  one set of minds to oversee the funds for various initiatives to be a part for the celebrations, few volunteers to research, gather and document data about UVCE and it’s 100 year old historical stories and one more to reach out, create buzz in the media & widen the alumni network so every UVCEian can be a part of this celebration.

And this was just a roughly sketched plan by us (not that this should be the only thing to happen, what better than multiple ways to celebrate an occasion? This is just one of the attempts!). To implement this plan we will need you to join hands with us. Let’s work together to make this the most remarkable event in the history of UVCE!


If you have any thoughts – ideas or suggestions UVCE Centenary Celebrations- share it with us. We are always welcome for new thoughts and ideas. Write to sampada@visionuvce.in