As the sun rose here, the sheer energy and joy gradually increased along with the crowd at UVCE. It was one of those days when the whole college gathers just to celebrate the happiness that our college has spread over the last 100 years. All the alumni and students geared up for the 5k marathon with great enthusiasm. More than 800 participants – senior alumni, faculty, current students – all were present on time at the college quadrangle.

Some of the snaps of the event –

The event was a grand success showing how beautifully all our efforts paid off from organizing the event to having the arrangements made in time. We shall reminisce this day for years to come as it just reminds us as to how far we have come in our lives from beginning as students and growing into wonderful engineers doing our part in making this world a better place by spreading glee and joy.

Hats off to all the participants and UVCEians for their altruistic work in bringing the whole college together to honor this milestone in UVCE history. You can find more pictures and comments in the FB event page

You can provide your feedback about the event – here