Are you eagerly waiting to read namma SAMPADA?! Here it is, another edition of SAMPADA crafted for you with all the news and updates about namma UVCE!.

This edition we have a lot of specials! Starting with all the updates about the induction of the new batch of UVCEians to the exciting events upcoming for this semester. We have some important points to share – including the fact that VisionUVCE has completed 3650 days (10 Years). Also, we have some of our freshers sharing the experiences of their first few days in UVCE.
VisonUVCE is back with another Sammilana event on this 15th September 2019 (RSVP Now). Some amazing memories and photos of the alumni are published. Find all the details of this event inside this edition.

4 more editions to hit the Golden 10 Anniversary! Don’t wait anymore and dive into the bustling news of UVCE right away!So write to us and share your thoughts! We await your response!

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