The rainy August’s edition of Sampada is here! Well, its just 5 more editions before the big 10th year anniversary of namma Sampada. And in honor of beginning the celebrations, we have started a revisit down the memory lane to some of the older editions of Sampada. This edition, enjoy some of your most favorite articles in print.

The month of August has been a busy one at UVCE with the CET Admission hustle having started. Catch more update and glimpses of the same in this copy. Congratulate UVCEGA for reaching their first mile with over 100 member registrations! Wishing to be a part too? We have more details and information inside.

The most wonderful part of Sampada along with UVCE has been the UVCEian community being the audience to it. And we want some of your special writing in form of articles, stories and memories for the grand 120th Edition. So write to us and share your thoughts! We await your response!

Without further delay, enjoy your cup of hot coffee and some mirchi bajji in this chilly monsoon climate and give namma Sampada a read!

We would love to hear your responses, thoughts and feedback! Do share and write to us, Happy Reading!


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