Namaskaara UVCEians,

July is here and so is another edition of namma SAMPADA! With UVCE Graduate Association’s unveiling, as we started work on this month’s edition, we felt the need to bring to floor the topic of Alumni and have a talk around it. Hence this edition is an Alumni-Alma Mater Special.

We had various alumni voice their opinions about the current situation of our Alumni community, the need to build and their thoughts on how we should progress. As Team VisionUVCE, we feel there is an insistent need to strengthen our alumni community. We would be delighted to know your thoughts and views as well. Do write to us!

Sampada is sprinting quickly towards a decade and we hope to make this occasion special! What better way to than have you a part of it? Let us know your thoughts, views and interest to be a part of this.5 More Editions to go for the BIG 10!

We would love to hear your responses, thoughts and feedback! Do share and write to us, Happy Reading!


If you are not receiving Sampada Alert to your inbox, we are sorry!! We request you to reach out to us and help in building our alumni database. Do inform us