We are glad to announce and invite namma UVCE Alumni to the Prize Distribution for UVCE’s Best Class 2019 Competition, that is scheduled to happen on 30 June 2019. The details about the event are as follows:

Date: 30th June, 2019, Sunday

Time: 3 PM – 5PM

Venue: Century Club, K R Circle


About Best Class:

The idea was to make the classes work towards the goal of 1000 points in various categories like Communication | Leadership | Teamwork | Time Management | Problem Solving | Attitude | Seminars(PPTs) | Online courses | Campus Cleanliness | College Clubs | Organize/Volunteer in College Events | Attendance | Class Overall Percentile | Projects | Initiatives inside/outside college to promote UVCE | Social Media & Online activities and more. It is about inspiring them to learn to co-ordinate amongst themselves and learn to help each other. We are also hoping that this will help in improving inter-class communication and make the bonds stronger.

We, form VisionUVCE Team, believe that this “Social Experiment” we started this semester will have an impact in the long-run, since we are working at the grass-root level. It helps to develop competitive spirit, team-bonding, self-dependence and improves individuals overall profile.

This Semester:

We are glad that around 15 classes (from first and second year) showed interest to take part in this initiative the past semester. They showed enthusiasm to make sure that their classmates join hands and work for becoming the “Best Class”. We had asked them to choose 2 Co-Ordinators from each class and organized a “Session” about the entire concept of this initiative. For 3 months – March to May, the students showed immense potential for this to become a good “practical experiment”.

We had nominated one alumni for each class as “Point of Contacts” who would guide them, suggest ideas and track the activities. It was a new learning experience for everyone and the alumni also enjoyed interacting with the students.Thanks to all the alumni who supported this initiative by spending their time with students.

Leaderboard and Winners:

We evaluated the performance at 3 levels:

  • Self-Evaluation : Students themselves evaluate their performance every month
  • PoC Evaluation : PoC evaluate their classes every week on various parameters
  • Judges Evaluation : Judges evaluate each class once a month on few overall parameters.

Based on the above evaluation and normalizing the scores, these are the scores:

Class Position Final Score
Total 13000
2nd yr ECE 1 11274.5
2nd yr ARCH 2 11202.6
2nd yr ISE 3 10982.3
1st yr ARCH 4 10628.63
1st yr MECH 5 8920.15
1st yr ECE 6 8321.6
2nd yr CIV A 7 7710
1st yr EEE 8 7570.5
1st yr CIV 9 7302.09
2nd yr MECH 10 6562
2nd yr CIV B 11 3625
1st yr ISE 12 3160.83
2nd yr CSE 13 2505
1st yr CSE 14 2045
Congratulations to the Winners !! Thanks for all the participants

Prizes are as below:

  • 1st Prize: 20K Cash for the Class along with Goodies
  • 2nd Prize: 10K Cash for the Class along with Goodies
  • Consistent Performers (3rd and 4th Place): Goodies
  • Top 15 Co-Ordinators: Special Individual Recognition

We welcome you to join us during the event and know more details about it. Students are welcome to join irrespective of the classes. It will be helpful to know what you can do for the next semester.