Time Flies… We all agree on this fact, though there may be some who chose to disagree. Though VisionUVCE was started as a concept in 2009, the Trust was formed officially in 2012 and subsequently the official bank account was opened. It has been “Five” years now and we are proud of all the small yet impactful things we have been able to achieve. We are grateful to everyone who have guided us, supported us and encouraged us.

A major announcement we wish to make on this occasion is about “VU Endowment Fund”. But, before that it is with great honour to inform that we have been successful in collecting a total fund of Thirty Lakhs (approximately) in past 5 years and spent it towards supporting UVCE students and improving UVCE in every way possible inspite of being faced with some constraints and hurdles. We wanted to give an overview about the accounts to all the stake-holders. We have tried to be as transparent as possible since the beginning and we will make it more accountable going forward.


  • Funds Collected – Rs. 1,32,500/-
  • Expenditure – Rs. 1,06,902/-

Scholarships to 13 students, Books were purchased for VINIMAYA, Magazine Subscription for BULSH


  • Funds Collected – Rs. 2,17,000/-
  • Expenditure – Rs. 1,68,450/-

Scholarships to 28 students, JJ Auditorium Charges for VU Sammilana, FD of 20K


  • Funds Collected – 3,35,550/-
  • Expenditure – Rs.2,59,175/-

Scholarships to 35 students, Impetus 15.0 Sponsorship, VU Sammilana, UVCE GoKart Team Sponsorship, UVCE Jaatre Funding, Magazine subscription for BULSH, FD of 1Lakh


  • Funds Collected – Rs. 4,53,521/-
  • Expenditure – Rs. 4,70,975/-

Scholarships to 44 students, VU Sammilana event expenses, Microprocessor Lab equipment for CSE Dept, UVCE eMPower Team Sponsorship, UVCE Jaatre Funding, Lecture Complex Repair Work, Books for Vinimaya, ECE & EEE Dept Labs Servicing, 10 CPU for EEE Department, FD of 1Lakh


  • Funds Collected – Rs.826153/- (along with Marathon Registrations & Sponsorship)
  • Expenditure – Rs. 7,61,838/-

Scholarships to 60 students, G2C2 Room Renovation, LC Cleaning, Sponsorship for UVCE eMpower Team, Funding of UVCE Jaatre, Rock Garden Cleaning, VU Champs goodies, Cubbon Park Charges, Marathon Expenses (Tshirt advance payment, Logistics), FD worth 24K

2017-18 (In progress)

  • Funds Collected – Rs. 9,61,208/- (Marathon Registrations, Avalokana Registrations & Sponsorship included)
  • Expenditure – Rs.10,58,248/-

Scholarships to 72 students, Marathon Expenses (Tshirts, Breakfast and others), Water Purifier installed in Mech Department, UVCE Music Band – 8GB RAM Sponsorship, Cleaning of Open Air Auditorium, Avalokana expenses ( Printing Souvenir, JJ Auditorium Charges, Catering charges, Logistics etc), Kagada 17.0 Sponsorship, UVCE Jaatre Funding, EEE Students project financial support and it will continue

In a Nutshell, amount spent towards


Oh yes… It seems like a lot has been done… But, the reality is there are very little changes at the ground level. We always aim at higher goals. We always think what could have been achieved if the University and College authorities would support initiatives from alumni groups. We are aware of many alumni groups interested in contributing to make UVCE a better place. We hope it will be possible going forward.

As a Centenary initiative, some of the alumni suggested us to start Endowment for Scholarships and other initiatives for next year. Here are the details:

  1. Alumni (individuals or groups) can specify the amount they are interested to deposit as Endowment in the current year.
  2. They can decide which initiative should the returns from the Endowment used for.
  3. We will name the Endowment as per the choice and announce it publicly through all our forums – Website, Social Media, Sampada and other platforms
  4. We will have a MoU signed with the stake-holders detailing their criteria on how the returns from the Endowment should be used going forward.
  5. You can talk to us -Satish (+91-9740111552) or write to us samvaada@visionuvce.in to know more about it.

To begin with, we will be depositing a fixed amount from VisionUVCE itself as a “Centenary VU Endowment” which will be used for student initiatives from next year onwards. We will be announcing the amount for this Endowment within next few days.

We request all the alumni to join hands with us – talk to their batchmates, colleagues, friends and form groups and create Endowment Funds which will be a great initiative for the Centenary Celebration and make it more meaningful in its own way.