When we compiled “Avalokana”, it was the documentation of the journey of UVCE over the past 100 years – its glory, contribution to society, achievements etc. But, along with that something more was required. After discussing with some senior alumni, we wanted to make sure that a Vision and a Roadmap be created for UVCE during its Centenary year.

The idea is to create a strategy which can be used for opposing the shifting of college and as well as preparing the draft proposal to be placed in front of various Govt stakeholders in future. It should be a document which can be used as a basis for everything and everyone. Anyone intending to contribute to UVCE and make it a better place, in his or her own way should use this document for reference.

This is a very initial stage draft which gives an outline and points to be considered in the proposal. It needs lot of rework and expert suggestions is definitely required to make it a very strong and appealing proposal. We are going to have a meeting with some senior alumni and get their expert advice. But before that, we wanted to invite opinions from alumni on how to proceed and what can be done. Please check the attached draft and let us know your thoughts.

How you can help?

  • Go through the document in detail and let us know how we can improve it
  • Help us to take this draft (once finalized) to concerned authorities in University and Govt
  • Get some appointments from Govt Officials, various Dept Secretaries, Ministers etc who can be made aware of the current state of UVCE
  • Liaise with University officials – Syndicate members and take lead for one of the initiatives
  • Build a momentum towards one of the Long-Term goals – making UVCE autonomous

As always, we need all your support and guidance to realize it. You can write to us @ samvaada@visionuvce.in if you have any queries/suggestions etc