We are super happy and excited to see the involvement by the students of first and second years in this “Best Class” initiative. We are glad that this platform is being utilized in an efficient manner by various classes. We thank the alumni, who are acting as “Point of Contact” for each class and appreciate their involvement as well.

The idea was to make the classes work towards the goal of 1000 points over a period of 3 months in various categories like Communication | Leadership | Teamwork | Time Management | Problem Solving | Attitude | Seminars(PPTs) | Online courses | Campus Cleanliness | College Clubs | Organize/Volunteer in College Events | Attendance | Class Overall Percentile | Projects | Initiatives inside/outside college to promote UVCE | Social Media & Online activities  and more.  It is about inspiring them to learn to co-ordinate amongst themselves and learn to help each other. We are also hoping that this will help in improving inter-class communication and make the bonds stronger.

We believe that this “Social Experiment” we started this semester will have an impact in the long-run, since we are working at the grass-root level. It helps to develop competitive spirit, team-bonding, self-dependence and improves your overall profile.

The results will be announced shortly… Meanwhile, here are couple of the video feedback we received from the students from couple of classes: