Namaskaara UVCEians,

And before you know, here we are with yet another edition of SAMPADA. It’s April and we are bidding good bye to the chilly winter and extending a warm welcome to sweaty summer, SAMPADA turns 111.

This edition is themed to be “UVCE outside the world of engineering”, a theme based to glorify and celebrate our UVCE achievers in the various fields like sports, music, theatre and much more outside engineering.  So, this edition is packed with some mind-boggling interviews, articles and loads more!

We also have updates for you on the ongoing activities like Best Class, Impetus in this edition.

One humble request we wish to make to you is asking for your support and join hands in growing a database central for all the UVCE alumni contacts through the Alumni  Registry Initiative so that no one misses any update and find a way to do their a bit to the alma mater. Here’s the link if have not done it yet – and make sure your get your friends included too.

So here’s without any further delay – HAPPY READING!


If you are not receiving Sampada Alert to your inbox, we are sorry!! We request you to reach out to us and help in building our alumni database. Do inform yo