Here are the shortlisted candidates for “VisionUVCE Scholarships 2017-18”. We have shortlisted these 160 candidates out of 530+ applications we received.We know that we may have missed some deserving candidates during this scrutiny. We apologise for that and promise to help in any other way possible, should they approach us separately.

The “Interviews” will be conducted on OCT 7th (Saturday) @ K R Circle campus.  We have divided the entire list into 2 batches – 9 AM and 11 AM and you have to come accordingly. If you have labs/classes during that time, you can attend the other batch after you informing us about the same. The details of the interview are mentioned below the list

Batch 1 – 9 AM

Name Year Branch Name Year Branch
Harish M S 2 ARCH Arun Kumar 3 CIV
Chaitra S Shetty 4 ARCH Mahadeva 2 CIV
Anjali M Gowda 2 ARCH Dayanand 2 CIV
Suresh Maradi 4 ARCH Mahamadsamer 2 CIV
Archana.M 2 ARCH Mohan Kumar K 3 CIV
Mounika R 3 ARCH Kavya 4 CIV
Akash Gowda L V 2 ARCH Aishwarya V Gangavathi 3 CIV
Praveen Talawar 2 ARCH K Anil Sagar 4 EEE
Sushmitha H R 1 ARCH Aishwarya S 1 EEE
Talapalli Mahesh 1 ARCH Sachin Lokare 2 EEE
Sneha. N 1 ARCH Ashwini 3 EEE
Amrutha.C 1 ARCH Pooja Bp 3 EEE
Suneel Sankanatti 3 ARCH Chethan.V.R 2 EEE
Vinay S 1 CIV Siddharaj 2 EEE
Gagan M 2 CIV Gowtham 4 EEE
Prathap C 4 CIV Raghu K S 3 EEE
Akshata Gondakar 3 CIV Pradeepa P 2 EEE
Harsha H R 4 CIV Janani 2 EEE
Akanksh K G 1 CIV Swathi T 4 EEE
Pooja 2 CIV Praveen S 2 EEE
Vidyasagar 3 CIV Suma H.K 4 EEE
Balaji 4 CIV Aakanksha 4 EEE
Shivanand Y N 4 CIV Annapurna K G 4 EEE
Apoorva S T 1 CIV Keerthi C V 2 EEE
Jaibheem 1 CIV Bharath 1 EEE
Bhagyashree 2 CIV Chandan Govindappa 2 EEE
Gourishetti Veeresh 2 CIV Manjunatha D 4 EEE
Pavan Shivajirao 3 CIV Sheema Sultana 3 ISE
Akash Ap 3 CIV Poornima B 3 ISE
Manjunath Chapparad 3 CIV M U Anusha 1 ISE
Veeresh 3 CIV Mamthaj A 3 ISE
Sandhya G 2 CIV Chetan R Hegde 1 ISE
Pallavi 2 CIV Meenakshi Yadav C G 4 ISE
Kavya G N 2 CIV Shrinidhi 1 ISE
Prathviraj B 2 CIV Charan I Y 1 ISE
H M Himavathkedar 2 CIV Ramyashree D R 2 ISE
Devi Rm 2 CIV Ambika K C 3 ISE
Basavaraj 2 CIV Da Niranjan 2 ISE
Rasika A Honnakkanavar 1 CIV J Rajashekhara 4 ISE
Dhanush V 2 CIV

Batch 2 – 11 AM

Name Year Branch Name Year Branch
Sachin Pujeri 4 CSE Basavaraj Mulimani 1 ECE
Sharanagouda 1 CSE Purushotham Hp 1 ECE
Prarthana.R. 1 CSE Vijay Kumar 3 ECE
Vanita Babu Marathi 3 CSE Ramakrishna M 3 ECE
Murari Payappa Walake 3 CSE Ranjitha A 2 ECE
Praveen Anil Patil 1 CSE Mahesh M Chalawadi 2 ECE
Spoorthi D 1 CSE Md Ismaeel Shaikh 2 MECH
Ashish 1 CSE Madhukumara C R 3 MECH
Mohammed Rafeeq 3 CSE Vivek R K 3 MECH
K. Chaitra 3 CSE Rohith R 3 MECH
Manisha G 4 CSE Meghanathan K S 3 MECH
Shruthi H N 3 CSE Siddharoodha Gubbewad 1 MECH
Deepu. N 2 CSE Shital Hinglaje 3 MECH
Aravinda Kv 1 CSE Hanumant N Goudar 3 MECH
Pradeep Kumar Tripathi 4 CSE Sunil O R 3 MECH
Vijay Kumar M S 2 CSE Sunil Kalyani 2 MECH
Tejaswini D R 3 CSE Nagarjuna K 1 MECH
Sumant Subray Bhat 1 CSE Prasad.N.Baragi 3 MECH
Pavana.R 1 CSE Abhinandan T 1 MECH
Koushik Ma 2 CSE Ramesh P Ramagond 2 MECH
Mohammed Moin 2 CSE Nagaraj S Baraker 2 MECH
Anu Prakash 3 CSE Kushal Km 2 MECH
Vikas G S 2 CSE Basavaraj M Teli 3 MECH
Anu.K 1 CSE Annayya Nelajeri 3 MECH
Shashank B 3 CSE Roshini.I 2 MECH
Bishnu Sharma 3 ECE Sharath K 3 MECH
Sanjana M 3 ECE Rajole Vidyanand 4 MECH
Tejesha A K 2 ECE Prajwal Swamy J M 3 MECH
Anand M 3 ECE Chethana Gowda K B 3 MECH
Praveen G Appinbail 2 ECE Darshan A P 3 MECH
Sujith M 2 ECE G Shivaraj 2 MECH
Pallavi P G 4 ECE Meraj 2 MECH
M Tarun 1 ECE Gururaj Rangappa Patil 2 MECH
Raghavendra Kumbar 1 ECE Ajaykumar 2 MECH
Reshma V 3 ECE Prathwin Hegde 3 MECH
Sandeep S Harakuni 1 ECE Krishnakant S Jagadale 2 MECH
Vanitha S 1 ECE Mahadev 2 MECH
Harish 3 ECE K. Ajey Kumar Shetty 3 MECH
Virupakshi H K 4 ECE Jahid Md 3 MECH
Yadu Kumar M 1 ECE Manmatha 3 MECH
Karthik Singh 3 MECH

The candidates should be present on Saturday, Oct 7th, 2016 at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM according to heir respective batches (Venue: UVCE, K R Circle.)


    1. Candidates should bring all the original documents necessary along with them.
    2. The details of the process will be provided on the same day itself. Though it is a working day, the candidates need to attend it. There might not be another opportunity for the same. The candidates need to wait for their turns(unless there is an emergency).
    3. For any queries/clarifications, mail us: /
    4. If you are unable to attend the “Interview”, we are sorry to say that you will not be provided another opportunity in any manner for this academic year.

Starting this year, we would like to monitor the progress of the scholarship awardees in order to check the efficiency of the scholarship initiative. We will be in touch with the awardees, meet them once in 2 months, talk to them, guide them and motivate them as needed. The awardees will need to be present for these meetups without fail.

This has been suggested by a group of wise alumni and we thank them for that.

You can find more details here –

For our alumni supporters, we thank you for the constant support and encouragement. It is only because of your support, this Scholarships initiative is being continued for Seventh consecutive year. Please share the word among your other batchmates & colleagues who might be interested in joining hands in this cause. We are yet to upload our previous year finance details. We are working on it and will put it in our website shortly. If you have any queries, feel free to let us know.