Namaskaara UVCEians,

This edition is a super special one. Packed with mind-boggling stories of many of namma UVCEians who have made it big and reached the epitome of success, the edition month is themed to be “UVCE’s Entrepreneurial Vision”. We are engineers and we break the barriers with our technology innovation but not just that, we have UVCEians who have proved that in addition to being an engineer we can be excellent at creating and fostering a business with our entrepreneur vision and strategy.

It was a great opportunity to work on this edition with many of our alumni like Satish Seetharam, Randhir Hebbar, Bhaktha Keshavachar, Sharjeel Ahmed, Suryaprakash Konanuru, Shesh Vasudevmurthy and Krishna A G who took out time and graciously accepted our request to bring their stories to the forefront through Sampada so that many of the budding entrepreneurial dreams of current UVCE students take strength to become a reality. The yearn to connect Alumni and their journeys in various domains and career paths so as to inspire, support and foster the dreams of our UVCE students has always been priority for Team SAMPADA. This has been the whole aim of incorporating a theme in Sampada from the last few editions. We are grateful to all the alumni for extending a helping hand for this and hope to have you by our side in the future too.

We had Ravikiran Annaswamy Sir, Batch of 1995 ECE as our guest editor for this Sampada and he helped us greatly in infusing ideas for making the newsletter better at highlighting the theme.

Along with all of the amazing articles on entrepreneurship, we have updates on UVCE Graduate Association, Milagro 2019, ECELL UVCE and much more inside the edition.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this edition. Do write to us!

So without any further due, turn the pages of SAMPADA.



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