Namaskaara UVCEians,

JUNE is here and so is SAMPADA 113! This month UVCE was filled with farewells and goodbyes as yet another batch of students prepare to step as engineers. So, find this edition of ours dedicated to listening to their thoughts and experiences of four years. Along with this, we have the complete coverage on the graduation ceremony that took place for the students this edition.

Also, UVCE has been in multiple headlines in the last month, find more details inside this edition to know more. The editorial this time has been a special as we talk about where does namma UVCE tand and what has to be done in our capacity as alumni! Do share your thoughts on what you feel about this matter and what initiatives can best help us.

What’s more special you ask? UVCE’s official website has been revamped by our team VisionUVCE and is now up and running with the latest information presented in a captive way. All the right gyaan about namma UVCE is now on this website. Visit and do let us know your thoughts.

We would love to hear your responses, thoughts and feedback! Do share and write to us, Happy Reading!


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