The students of SAE UVCE are participating in 2 different competitions—GKDC (National Level) and BAJA (International Level). These competitions help the students to incorporate their academic knowledge into the real world problem statements and accentuates them as an engineer.

Both the teams have cleared first round of the competition, held under their respective levels. The second round involves the fabrication of the proposed vehicle within the design limitations specified. The students are hard-working, dedicated and focused on making their creative ideas/ designs into reality.

They have incurred some of the costs, like Registrations and other basic requirements on their own. But, for the completion of building their vehicles, they need financial support. GKDC Team is looking for around 1 Lakh Sponsorship, while for BAJA the estimate requirement is around 5 Lakh. They are making the best efforts to use all the available resources (reusable parts from previous years) but need alumni support financially.

We, from VisionUVCE Team, vouch for their efforts & have also promised to support as much as possible. We call upon the alumni to back them too. You can enquire them about sponsoring officially on behalf of your companies for branding as well. You can ask us if you have any queries by writing @

VisionUVCE Team has been supporting the SAE UVCE since 3 years – financially and publicity-wise. We are proud of the fact that, in spite of the constraints, they have put their best efforts and try their level-best to represent college in various competitions. Here are some snaps for your reference for this year – Design and prototype from both the teams

SAE-Design Jaatre17 SAE