VU Scholarships 2021 Interview Details

This year, due to the Covid scenario, the admissions of First year students and lateral entry to Second year was delayed. We processed the other students and finished the scholarships for them. However, we are considering these students specially and with the support of alumni planning to award them Scholarships separately. The list of shortlisted candidates for Scholarship Interviews 2021 (Only First Year and Second Year students) is provided below. First, some important information:


  • The process is on Saturday, 10th April, 2021
  • The entire process will be conducted online. You will have a video online interview, unless there is a network issue.
  • There will be around multiple interview panels and 2 batches in total for every panel. You need to be present as per the time-slot allocated to you.
  • You will receive the time-slot Details and other information via mail by Thursday night
  • More details on interviews will be informed beforehand  i.e there will be a common online meet for everyone. The timings and meeting URL will be shared with the Thursday night’s mailer. It is better if you can join the meeting to know more details about the Interviews.
  • There will be no second opportunities for interview apart from Saturday.


  • Everyone is welcome to be part of the interview process. It is an opportunity to interact with students and understand the current scenario.
  • The process is on Saturday, 10th April, 2021 at around 10 AM (IST) and will continue till 1 PM (IST)
  • The entire process is being conducted online and you can join from any part of the globe.
  • You can tag along with someone else and share your views about the candidate.
  • If you have any queries or interested to join, please contact Satish – +91-9740111552
  • To contribute financially and know more about previous 10 years data, please click here
Name Branch Year Name Branch Year
Teja N MEC 1 Mounesh CIV 2
Pandu meti CIV 2 Rahul R Pandarapur CIV 2
Adithya S K CSE 1 Nagendra Raigond ECE 2
Rashmi H S CIV 2 Karthik K S CSE 2
Jyotiba   Trimukhe CSE 1 Manoj N CIV 2
Karibasappa   H ECE 2 Pratheeth Adiga CSE 1
Vinayak G   Madiwalar CSE 1 Akhilesh B R ECE 2
Sanjay P MEC 1 Rohini R Reddy EEE 2
Shashank V P EEE 1 Laxman MEC 1
Tyathish Gowda   K M ECE 1 Mahesh CIV 1
Sushmita   Kataraki CIV 2 Santosh R Redder EEE 1
Darshan Benni EEE 1 Vasantha Kumara Naik   J EEE 1
Kishor CIV 2 Chandana T. N EEE 1
Raju M N EEE 2 Punith c r EEE 1
Ullas G B MEC 1 Aishwarya K CIV 2
Anil   Parashuram Hatti ECE 1 Pradeep M Navalagi EEE 2
Harish B.G CSE 1 Madhura R   Badiger ARC 2
Revanasiddesha   U CIV 2 Mohammad Waseem M ISE 1
Prasad   Valasang ECE 1 Shivadarshan.s EEE 1
Dileep D M MEC 1 Akshay S Kori MEC 1

We have tried our best to understand from the videos you have shared and the details provided in the application form. We assure that, even though you are not shortlisted this time, you can approach us for any other support/guidance and we will try to help. Also, we are working on other initiatives like Best Class, Placement Bootcamp and others which might help you.