Who all can participate?

First Year & Second Year UG students of UVCE from all Branches can participate in this competition. The basic criteria is that 30% of the class strength should agree to participate voluntarily.

What if we have two sections for the same batch?

Separate sections will be considered as individual classes for this competition. You need to get 30% minimum participation in each section

What is the maximum number of people allowed to participate in the event from one class?

All the members of the class can participate. There is no upper limit for the number of participants.

How do we select our Co-Ordinators from our class?

People who have agreed to participate need to come to a decision and select 2 co-ordinators, preferably one girl and one boy (not compulsory, though). You can meet once in college and decide or create a WhatsApp Group of only the participants and decide. It has to be an unanimous decision. That is very important! You cannot change the Co-Ordinators in between the semesters

I am not sure if I will be participate throughout the semester. Is it fine?

No.. We suggest people who can commit to participate the entire semester only should volunteer. There are no additions or deletions of team members in between semesters. This is one of the basic ground rules. You will be reducing the chance of your class to win “Best Class” title if you quit in between.

What is the duration of the event?

The total duration is 3 months- starting from February beginning till April end.

Do we need to do specific activities for each category?

“NO”. As mentioned, there is no specific set of actions that need to be done. But there are few mandatory sub-categories that you need to select and work towards those goals.

We will only suggest few ideas and thoughts, but it is entirely upto your class to take it or leave it. No hard-set rules about those activities.

How will you track the progress?

We will be having Weekly Progress reports submitted from the Co-Ordinators of each class. We are working on the details, which will be shared shortly

Apart from "Best Class", what other awards are going to be announced?

We will be announcing few “Individual Special Performers” as well apart from “Best Class” title. More details will be provided in some time.

How often will this "Contest" happen?

This will be repeated every semester once – Feb to Apr & Aug to Sep – with award announcement done after the time provided to participate to all classes.

What are the Tasks for "First Week"? How to begin?

We will be updating it regularly with more Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions, feel free to post it in the Facebook Event or send mail to satish@visionuvce.in