We have all discussed about how important it is to develop our personality and attitude when we are in college. Apart from academics, these traits become very pivotal in the future. We will find very little opportunities to learn once we step into the real-world. There will be no guides who will teach these basic essentials required for a better career or personal life, it is all in our hands.

In UVCE, we learn a lot of such qualities along with our friends. This is evident even now when we watch our senior alumni and the wonderful relationship they have with their batchmates and thereby leading a great life. The amazing memories we recall of the college days, not just along with our classmates, but with our seniors-juniors and other batch friends are so essential that it shapes our approach to any situation. With this thought, we wanted to compare it with the current situation in the college, where due to numerous technical advancements and distractions, human interaction has become very less. This would create more difficulties in building the community in future, or to become an alumnus or even becoming worthy engineer.


Learning Experience

This is a social experiment and will help you to experience the real-world challenges in the future and make your ready to face them.

An Opportunity to develop your skillsets

A platform for you to sharpen your skill-sets be it soft skills like teamwork, communication, time-management or improve your technical skills and academics.

Amazing Prizes to be Won

Prizes worth of around 30K to be won every semester. But more than these prizes, you will have an opportunity to proudly showcase the tag of “Best Class” in the college.

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  1. Minimum of 30% of the class strength should agree to participate. Special Cases:
    • Separate sections will be treated as individual classes.
    • If total strength of the class is less than 30, min of 40% of the strength should participate.
  2. All the participants should agree to be part of the event voluntarily. There is no compulsion to join.
  3. Every person agreed to join should stay till the end of the event i.e. until that semester. No addition/ deletion is allowed after the initial confirmation for that semester. However, there can be more inclusions for the next semester.
  4. From the group, two co-ordinators need to be selected in consultation with everyone, preferably, one girl and one boy, but not mandatory. These two will be the point of contact for both sides – organizers and participants
  5. Criteria matrix for the evaluation will be shared with everyone. The group will need to decide which areas they want to select for the semester. Every criteria will have its own weightage for the evaluation.Every class can have its own interpretation for the criteria and decide how they want to act upon it accordingly. They can have the initiatives designed as per the group wish.


Best Class 1.0

Around 20K worth of Cash Prize & 15K worth goodies distributed among the students of various classes

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Best Class 3.0

Around 20K worth of Cash Prize & 5K worth goodies distributed among the students of various classes

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Best Class 2.0

Around 30K worth of Cash Prize & 18K worth goodies distributed among the students of various classes

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Best Class 4.0

Around 30K worth of Cash Prize & many goodies to be won !! Open for all branches & batches of UVCE !! Are you ready to Participate?

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