Best Class 1.0 (Feb-May, 2019)


  • Identify and convince minimum of 30% of your classmates who are willing to participate voluntarily.
  • Get this Application signed from everyone. If you have filled the online version to begin with, you will need to get signatures from everyone by the end of First Week of the Competition.
  • Select the Co-Ordinators for your class by the end of this week. We will be calling a meeting of the Co-Ordinators this Saturday
  • The first task will be to identify the categories you want to focus and shortlist them. More details about this will be shared with your Co-Ordinators.
  • You can create a WhatsApp Group of the people who have volunteered to participate. We will tell you the next steps accordingly


We are glad that around 15 classes (from first and second year) showed interest to take part in this initiative the past semester. Based on the above evaluation and normalizing the scores, we announced the winners

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  • Jan 21:  Roll out the Application Forms
  • Jan 26:  Last Date to Register
  • Jan 30:  Last Date to nominate Class Co-Ordinators
  • Feb 02: Meet with Co-Ordinators of all participating class
  • Feb 04: Start of the event
  • Feb 09: First Week Report submission (There will be Weekly Report Submissions along with Monthly Progress Updates)
  • Apr 30: Final Report/Submission with Self Evaluation
  • May 10: Judges evaluation along with Teachers input
  • May 18: Award Ceremony


After participation in the event, couple of students shared their thoughts and experiences when they took part. Few of videos show various activities conducted within their classes and helped themselves for self-development.

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To know about what you need to do in this event, first you need to understand the criteria matrix. There are 4 major categories and you are free to choose the sub categories which you want to focus on during this semester. A total of “1000” points can be achieved by working on these factors – organize events, do volunteer work, participate in activities, showcase your interest & talent, work together etc. The Judging Criteria and other details will be updated shortly.


In this category, it is mainly about the basic skill-sets one has to develop - soft skills and technical skills - during the college life as a student. A great opportunity to enhance most necessary qualities in life.

This is worth of total 300 points. You are free to select from the Sub-Categories provided below. But there are few mandatory ones that you cannot choose to ignore.

SubCategory Mandatory Description Points

As a team you can conduct events to increase your communication skills (reading, writing) and share your thoughts easily.You can conduct events like group discussions, innovative reading sessions.

TeamWork Y

You can organize and participate in events as a team where all of you can contribute to the activity.

Fun and educational activities can be some of the group events like Lagori or a Group Quiz. How about Collage?


You ought to take initiative for some activities and events throughout that will help groom your leadership skills.

As a team you can take the lead or few individuals from your class as well

Time Management

An important aspect which needs to be inculcated, see best how you can manage your time and track your activities.

This can also include your weekly updates and how well you manage your co-curricular with the course curriculum. Time boxing your activities or meetings are very essential factors

Problem Solving

Any activity taken up by your team or any event organized needs to be planned to ensure it is conducted successfully. All things in life do not happen smoothly and problem need to be external. They can be minor factors too and part of other initiatives you are working upon. You can also take an opportunity to understand the existing problem and interact as a team to find a solution.

Emotional Intelligence

When you work as a team, you have to support your team with your strengths.

Lead the team with your expertise and provide moral support. Understand the strengths and weakness of your team mates and booting their confidence.

General Knowledge

Current Affairs, Trends happening around you are very essential to develop your profile. You can have small activities like news reading or general quizzes that can give you more insight into improving your general knowledge. Interact with your fellow teams mates as well.


The right attitude can take you places. With every activity and event you organize and part take in, ensure you build a right attitude.

It is very essential to build the right attitude that will help you work better as a leader and in a team. "Never Give Up" can be a motto; "Always keen to learn" can be your goal... Setting the right attitude is very important

Seminars/PPTs (Internal) Y

You can utilize this as an opportunity to give presentations and seminars within your class group, use these to gain some knowledge and also step in to give some seminars if your own to improve your presentation skills. To give a 20 min seminar, you will study about that topic for 2 hrs, which will help you to develop interest

Online Courses

You can take up courses on multiple online platforms and showcase the certifications acquired. They can be paid or free. The point to be considered is joining or starting a course is not important, but completing it is… We shall consider the efforts which have only been successfully completed

Basic Professional Reqs

Some skills that can help you in your professional career are email and phone etiquettes.

You can learn these skills whilst organising events which will aim at these specific skill set.

Eg : Practice sending mock emails among your team mates with role plays like HR and Job Application (Offer Application via email, Responding to Job Applications), applying for Scholarship

Cross functional Expertise

Expand your reach and interact with other class teams as well. Collaborate with them on activities that can be beneficial for both the teams. Today, everything is interlinked and such initiatives will help in the long run. It can be for technical or cultural aspects


Volunteer word is often misunderstood. It means you are doing an activity out of your own interest without any expectations in return. It is a real challenge to say if you have volunteered as part of this initiative if you really understand the meaning!!

This is worth 250 points in total. Some of the most easy points to score is available here.. What say?

Campus Cleanliness Y

It is just not always about cleaning the campus and repeat it every 3 months once. Take initiatives in keeping the campus litter free and create awareness in this regard. How about planting some saplings in some spaces available and looking after them?

College Clubs

Explore the clubs in college like IEEE, G2C2, Adhamya, Chakravyuha, VINIMAYA, Chethana, SAE etc and take part in their activities. It’s about keeping the tempo going when you feel that nothing much is happening in the club... That is very essential

Organize/Volunteer in College Events

You can organize, volunteer and participate in various college events in both technical and cultural fests in college. In fact, you can plan and execute something new as well in the college, which can be exclusive!!

Hostel Events

Helping the hostelites in conducting their annual events. If you are a hostelite, conduct some small events in hostel just like your class. It can be as simple as Essay writing or conversing in Kannada etc

VU/alumni Activities

Take part, volunteer and assist in activities by the alumni groups and also interact with them. Interacting with more alumni might help in various ways in the future, listening to their experience also will be very useful


Organizing the books in the library accordingly and come up with innovative solution to maintain the orderly arrangement. Library can/should be made into a "centre of attraction". Making use of all the available resources can be the focus

Participation in College events Y

Ensure you take active participation in both Inter and Intra College activities. This can be in any capacity. Volunteering for few events like Bar-Camps will help you to develop your network, online webinars will count too


What is the most important factor for a student when they are in college? Attending Classes, Understanding Concepts, Scoring marks, Working on Innovative ideas etc. It is the integral part and hence it carries "250" points. Weightage or not - its your duty to get the maximum points here, in this category..

Attendance Y

The teams need to maintain the required attendance. Manage your college activities and extra-curricular well. Faculty from different branches will be consulted to track the attendance of the class

Class Overall Percentile Y

Maintain a relatively better average with respect to other teams. We will be considering the Internal Marks along with the previous semester scores.


Come up with innovative projects and work with your teams to implement them. Guidance can be sought out for in the college for Research works. In the meanwhile, if the project/idea is not technical, you can always reach out to us for support. For Innovation to be considered, make sure that it does not remain on paper or just in theory

Syllabus + Question Paper + Notes

Share the college curriculum with your team mates and also ensure all the relevant information is available at the finger tips so that anyone can access it when needed. This will also help the next batches to prepare well


Conduct some activities among your teams to showcase and explore your creative instincts. This can be scaled up in the future as a full-blown event at the college level. For example, Painting competition to begin with at the class level; or some interesting activities to make everyone involved in this event should be the focus of your creative idea

Inter-class Co-Ordination

You need to maintain healthy relations with your other class teams. It will be an added bonus if you can collaborate with them and learn from each other. Apart from the co-ordinators of the respective classes, utilize your friends network across branches to improve/enhance the overall experience of the event by getting to know each other better from other classes as well.


It is a privilege to be part of UVCE - first Engineering College in Karnataka. It has its own legacy and we hope that the current students will carry forward the baton of the rich culture and pride of UVCEians. So, it is very essential to nurture that feeling in every student. This carries a weightage of "200" points in total, but it should not be restricted to a number alone, but to a wonderful state of mind.

Initiatives inside college to promote

Take some steps to promote UVCE inside college with events like Jaatre, Fiesta etc. As part of various clubs, you can involve more people in the regular activities so that participation in those increases

Initiatives outside college to promote

Campaign for UVCE organized fests, events at other colleges. Ensure active participation by other college teams. You are also welcome to attend events where college students are invited to volunteer and spread the UVCE brand by actively involving in such opportunities

Social Media & Online Activities Y

Come up with innovative ideas and implement the same to increase the presence of UVCE on social media. Creating buzz about UVCE is what we are focussing along with capturing what is happening in the campus. One of the examples can be UVCE representation in Wikipedia (both English & Kannada)

Participation in Other college events

Ensure Participation and showcase your best performance in order to win competitions in inter college fests and events. These can be cultural, technical or managerial events, but mainly team events is the focus

Individual Contributions - Sports, Cultural

Individual participation in cultural and sports events and also winning these events is advantageous.

UVCE Legacy

Learn about the history and heritage of our college. Explore the accomplishments of our distinguished Alumni.