The Bangalore University (BU) will receive five projects from Florida International University- two projects to University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE) and three to Bangalore University at the Jnana Bharathi Campus. These projects will be funded by the Florida International University.

This will also open the doors for an exchange programme. Teachers, students and researchers of these universities will visit each other’s campuses for a period of time.

Faculty members at BU say that the international exposure is very much welcome for the university, which has some courses with national recognition. Like Computer Science, Civil Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Zoology and Botany are BU’s strong subjects.

Dr. Venugopal KR, vice-chancellor of BU, said, “Now there is an opportunity for our students, teachers and researchers to go on an exchange programme. The students from Florida University can also come here for their studies. Our students can also be sent for internships. This way, the two universities will grow with this partnership.”

“The University has given us five projects — wherein two will be allocated for UVCE students and three for general streams across BU campus departments. We will go one step ahead in the knowledge sharing process,” he added.

This will also help BU in NAAC grading as they now have partnership with a foreign university. An official said, “There are a lot of streams that we are good at and Florida University is good at. This is a good way for us to exchange knowledge and information on various best practices.”

– Source : The Bangalore Mirror (Read the article here)